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PXID own brand design multipurpose three wheel electric scooter for adults

Three wheel design 2022-11-24

Electric scooter manufacturer wholesale this three wheel electric scooter with seat,it has a variety of riding scenes. such as daily commuting kick scooter, electric scooter delivery, off road electric scooter, etc

So why three wheels ? it opted for the design to create a safer and more stable electric scooter for riding around town.

 This Models is F2, Not only you can ride standing, but also sit riding. And most of the parts are removable, such as front & rear rack, seat, carrier… it’s a fascinating scooter when remove this parts, but if put all these on, it’s a delivery mobility tool, and much more functional than a scooter.

Great appearance design make this scooter much more eye-catching and high quality aluminun alloy + iron steel frame is very unique and lightweight !

1. This 3 wheel electric scooter has multiple color options, yellow, green, white, black, or you can customize the color according to your needs.

2. 500W JINGYUXING Dual motor electric scooter support 50Km/h max speed, optional 15 / 22.5ah large swappable battery.

3. Front 12 inch tire, rear 10 inch tubeless air tire,front & rear dual suspensions and indicators and front and rear disc brake,foldable headtube…

4. LOGO can also be customized according to your needs, And the logo position is diversified, on the pole, on the body, on the fender, on the rear hanger, on both sides of the front fork, etc...

The spec is really awesome!

F2 just gathered all advantages in one !



If you are interested in this three wheeled scooter, click to learn more about it ! Or welcome to contact us by email !


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