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Electric motorcycles

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Make today's design from the <br/>perspective of the future

Make today's design from the
perspective of the future

Huaian PX Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd was founded in 2013. After years of steady development, it has become the only one-stop product development enterprise in China that can range from product conceptual design to appearance design, structural design, engineering proofing, mold development to mass production and shipment.

PXID sales network spreads all over the world, and has successively cooperated with enterprises in the United States, UK, South Korea, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil and so on; In recent years, it has provided new product design solutions and carried out in-depth cooperation for AIMA, YADEA, SUNRA, LENOVO, HUAWEI, FEISHEN and other well-known enterprises.

annual output reaches 200,000 vehicles

Production base 10,000 square meters

Company culture

Company vision

Company vision

To become a global leader in short distance travel design

Company mission

Company mission

To make the future travel be greener, convenient and safer

Design purpose

Design purpose

Make today's design from the perspective of the future

Development history



  • Release the first electric motorcycle of PXID
  • Add two production lines with an annual output of 200000 vehicles and introduce gantry processing equipment
  • PX folding electric wheelchair won the gold award of "Purple Gold Award" Industrial Design work group
  • The first magnesium alloy electric scooter H901 (H10) scooter with hollow integrated body won the 2022 IF award
PXID Electric Motorcycle
PXID Honor
electric scooter suppliers
PXID New production line



  • The annual total sales quantity of H10 exceeded 17,000 units. The total output value is up to 25 million CNY
  • Provide new design for Huawei Harmony OS products
  • S9 won IF Design Award
  • P3 won Contemporary Good Design Award
  • P2 Electric bike won Contemporary Good Design Award & Golden Pin Design Award
  • M2 Electric Motorcycle won Goldreed Industrial Design Award & Contemporary Good Design Award
Citycoo 3000W
250watt electric bike
high quality electric scooter
electric bike eu
PXID electric bike
OEM electric scooter



  • Set up Huaian PX Intelligent Manufacturing Co., LTD
  • We were rated as municipal technology research and development center, provincial industrial design center
  • The first magnesium alloy electric scooter with hollow-out frame H901(H10)won 2020 Contemporary Good Design Award & Red Dot Award
  • Provide new product design projects for Yadi & Aima
  • S6 won Golden Pin Design Award
electric bike adult
PXID design electric bike



  • Set up GZ PXID Technology Co.,Ltd & Huaian PX Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Huaian PX Industrial Design Co.,Ltd was rated as "National High-tech Enterprise"
  • Magnesium alloy sharing electric scooter which developed by us is exclusively sold by Wheels. It be used for sharing electric scooter, it currently put 80,000 units in the West coast, with a purchase price of $250 USD million
  • Attended in the Milan ECMA motorcycle exhibition in Italy
PXID Establishment of branches
sharing electric scooter
PXID attend in Exhibiton



  • S6 magnesium alloy electric bike is sold in more than 30 countries in the world. It was sold at Costco, Walmart and other major supermarkets, with total sales quantity up to 20,000 units and total sales amount up to $150 USD million.
folding electric bike 16 inch





  • Set up Zhejiang Cooperative factory





  • Set up original team
PXID Leader



  • Set up Huaian PX Industrial Design Co., Ltd.
PXID Office

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