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First 3 wheels hits road hard. New experience of straddle riding, different scooter riding fun.An incredible leap in performance technology unlocks the speed, precision, and control you need to elevate your riding style to the next level.

Rear wheel patent mechanism

The design of the rear two-wheel mechanism has been patented. Steering is firmer and the ride is more comfortable. more playable

Electric Scooter Foldable









Power system

The strong power will take you through all the roads such as flat ground, gravel, jungle, etc.
and take you to experience the smooth acceleration.

Dual brushless motors

Dual brushless motors

more power drive on your slope climbing

Powerful lithium battery1

Powerful lithium battery

Quick Release Battery,long-lasting power

Two charging methods1
Two charging methods

Two charging methods

body charging and battery charging

A new way to ride a scooter

A new way to ride a scooter

New experience of straddle riding. High strength lightweight aluminum frame.

Safe braking

Safe braking

Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes / mechanical disc brakes
(Optional accessories)

Safe braking

Safe braking

Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes / mechanical disc brakes
(Optional accessories)

Hydraulic front shock

Hydraulic front shock

Comfortable riding Strong damping

Spring rear shock

Spring rear shock

Strong shock absorption and compression resistance

The ultimate balance of size and functionality

Finely polish every detail.Everything you need to stay in control.

Electric Folding Scooter Three Wheel Electric Scooter Electric Scooter Long Range 1000W Electric Scooter

Wholesale 1000W Dual Motor Three Wheel Electric Scooter Manufacturer


Color Orange/Green/Red/White
Frame Material Aluminum alloy
Motor 48V 1000W(500W *2)
Battery Capacity 48V 22.5 Ah 
Range 50-90km
Max Speed 45-53 km/h 
Suspension Front and rear dual suspension
Brake Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
Max Load 150kg
Headlight LED Headlight
Tire Front 12 inch, rear 10 inch tubeless air tire
Seat Set (rack and saddle) Yes
Unfolded Size 1300mm*610mm*1270mm
Folded Size 1300mm*400mm*640mm


• The model displayed on this page is BESTRIDE PRO. The promotional pictures, models, performance and other parameters are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product information for specific product information.

• For detailed parameters, see the manual.

• Due to the manufacturing process, the color may vary.

• BESTRIDE PRO is divided into standard version and EEC version, different versions have different accessories.

• Two riding modes: comfortable riding & power off-road riding.

• Cruise Control is only suitable for straight roads with good conditions. For safety reasons, do not use this function with complex traffic conditions, heavy traffic, curves, obvious slope changes or slippery road conditions.

• 15°climbing angle.

• Foot support down automatic induction power off, to prevent the danger of flying.

What's the features of this 3 wheel electric scooter?
F2 created a unique riding way of off road scooters --bestride which is more fun to ride, easier to control the center of gravity and it brings you a different riding experience. With the removable seat, you can choose to stand on or sit to ride this escooter. PXID owns the design patent.

How about the off road performance of model F2?
F2 has a outstanding off road performance. 500W powerful dual rear brushless motors provide strong power and the gradeability can reach 15°. Front and dual disc brake make the off road more safer. Front and rear dual suspension makes you have a more comfortable riding.

What's the battery capacity?
48V15Ah and 48V22.5Ah. Two battery options. It is easy to take out the battery and charge it because of the removable design. Large battery capacity supports 70-80km extra long range.

What's the max speed of this scooter?
F2 has 3 speed level. Max speed 53km/h for regular version and 45km/h for EEC version. What's more, we can modify the speed according to your requirement.

Why does this scooter has front and rear racks?
The racks are the options. You can choose them or not. In addition to off-road, model F2 can also be used for food delivery. We can add delivery box for you if necessary.