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PXID Development History

PXID design 2022-11-28

PXID specialized in designing and development of electric bike, electric scooter and electric motorcycle since 2013.

2013:  Establish of Huaian PX Industrial Design Co., Ltd focus on design.



1. Design of the S6 Models city road electric bike.

2. The model will be mass produced in 2019. Successfully settled in COSCO of the United States in 2020

3. with an annual sales volume exceeding 50,000 units





 1. Establish of Huaian PX Technology Co.,Ltd focus on design and manufacturing

 2. Design and manufacturing of the BESTRIDE models off road electric scooter

 3. Design of the S9 models city road electric bike




1. Establish of Huaian PX Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd focus on design and manufacturing

2. Design of the LIGHT-P2 models city road electric bike

3. Design of the URBAN-50 models sharing electric bike 

4. Design of the Motor series electric motorcycle






Design of the URBAN-03 models city road electric scooter

组合 (2)







1. Design of the Light-P4 models city electric bike

2. Design of the FAT-P5 models fat tire mountain electric bike

3. Design of the BESTRIDE PRO models off road electri three wheel scooter

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