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More environmentally friendly and more adaptable to the rhythm of modern urban life The design is inspired by the paper crane. The light and flexible body posture makes the over all vision richer and more personalized, and also contains the implication of safe travel

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new urban  <br/>leisure cycling

new urban
leisure cycling

65km long range

Single charge can ride longer beyond expectations!

Folding e Bikes
Magnesium alloy material frame

Magnesium alloy material frame

P4 uses magnesium alloy as the material of the main frame. It is about 30% lighter than the aluminum frame of the same volume, and has more advantages in load-bearing, hardness and rigidity than the aluminum frame. The lightweight and flexible body posture is more urban.

36V250W Brushless Motor

36V250W Brushless Motor

Strong power brings excellent climbing performance, Upgrading brushless motor adapt to more bumpy roads.

Front and rear disc brake

Front and rear disc brake

Double security dramatically reduce braking distance, which provide you safer riding.

Excellent Folding Experience

Excellent Folding Experience

Folding the body can reduce storage space by half, and can be carried in the trunk or on public transport to meet more travel needs.

Large capacity lithium battery

The super large capacity battery has a longer service life than the traditional battery, and the excellent choice saves you worry and effort under the condition of assisted riding, it can bring the maximum mileage of kilometers to the whole vehicle. Whether you go to work or travel, go where you want to go and enjoy more city scenery.

  • Lithium battery
  • Battery extraction
  • Safe lock

36V10.4Ah Large energy density, high average output voltage extended battery life and longer endurance.

Lithium battery

Quickly removable lithium battery,direct charging and discharging, two charging methods can be chosen at will,making life more convenient.

Battery extraction

IP67 proof for the battery, with safe lock.

Safe lock
Super bright headlights

Super bright headlights

The dazzling round running lights easily illuminate the road ahead, making it safer to ride at night

Rear reflectors <br/>Improve road safety

Rear reflectors
Improve road safety

Tail light  <br/>brings safe riding

Tail light
brings safe riding

Electric City Bike Foldable e Bike Electric Cycle Bike

CE 36V 10.4Ah E Bike 20 Inch Commute Folding Electric Bike


Model LIGHT-P4
Color Dark Grey/OEM color
Frame Material Magnesium alloy integrated molding (no weld)
Motor 36V250W Brushless motor
Battery Capacity Removable battery 36V 10.4Ah
Tire 20*1.95 Inch
Speed Gear 7 Speeds (SHIMANO)
Max Speed 25km/h
Brake Front & Rear disc brake (160mm disco plate)
Charging Time 3-5H
Max Load 120kg
Headlight LED Headlight
Unfolded Size 1585*575*1135mm
Folded Size 830*500*680mm

● The model displayed on this page is Light-P4. The promotional pictures, models, performance and other parameters are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product information for specific product information.

● For detailed parameters, see the manual

● Due to the manufacturing process, the color may vary.

Design:P4 design was inspire by paper crane, the whole bike use simplified straight lines with light -weight materials, very friendly for carrying and city commuting. Just like the paper crane, it’s a symbol of love, brings your life with joy and harmony.

Frame:Frame is built by die-casting magnesium alloy along with exquisite paintings.
Color options: blue, grey, white, OEM color.

Mechanical Specs:Equip with 20 inch magnesium wheel and air tube tire, a 7 speed Shimano gear brings more riding pleasure. Front & Rear JAK disc brake with great performance, your riding safety will be well guaranteed. By the ingenious folding design, the bike can be folded in 3 seconds.
There’s also a removable rear rack , which is very practical for daily life.

Electric Specs:Long-life 250W brushless motor with 25km/h top speed. 10.4Ah quick release battery support 65km long range. Optional pedal/throttle assist suit for different regulation all over the world. 4 speed electronic gear support different speed limits. E-mark certified front&rear lights and reflectors disperse the darkness at night.