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New Fashion Industrial Design.

60V2000W <br/>High power brushless motor

High power brushless motor

Unimpeded strong power broads
30° the climbing angle.

Front hydraulic brake

Comfortable ride with precise control. Improve the impact resistance of the vehicle mechanical structure and prolong the life of the mechanical system.
Front hydraulic brake
Rear spring shock absorber

Rear spring shock absorber

The external double spring shock absorber under the seat cushion makes riding on bumpy roads more comfortable.

Ride safely at night

Ride safely at night

The led headlight group includes bright, ultra-wide-angle headlights
and streamer turn signals.

Ride safely at night

Ride safely at night

The rear LED light group includes bright taillights, streamer turn
lights, license plate lights and seat reflectors to maximize nighttime
driving safety.

High definition display screen

High definition display screen

LED display, low power consumption,
Speed and power are clear at a glance,
help you know the speed and power at any moment.

Accessories purchase

A wealth of original accessories to choose from, making travel
more convenient

Accessories purchase
M816 M815 M817

PXID EEC Citycoco 12 Inch 3000W Powerful Motor Electric Motorcycle


Model MOTOR 08
Color Red/Black/OEM
Frame Material Seamless steel tube
Motor 60V 2000W 
Battery Capacity 60V 20Ah/30Ah
Range 80km
Max Speed 60km/h  
Suspension Front hydraulic suspension, Rear shock absorber
Brake Front and rear disc brake
Max Load 200kg
Headlight LED 
Unfolded Size 2100mm*680mm*1105mm


• The model displayed on this page is Motor 08. The promotional pictures, models, performance and other parameters are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product information for specific product information.

• For detailed parameters, see the manual.

• Due to the manufacturing process, the color may vary.

• The cruising range values are the results of internal laboratory tests. The actual vehicle cruising range will also be affected by various factors such as wind speed, road surface, and operating habits. The cruising range values on this parameter page are for reference only.

• Electric motorcycle accessories to be purchased separately.

Design and frame: Ergonomic design-High handlebar position with huge seats attached. The frame is a non - rust high quality durable aluminum tube frame (You also can choose steel frame).
It looks very cool if you ride it in the street. The frame is a non - rust high quality durable aluminum tube frame (You also can choose steel frame).

Battery and motor: 60V20Ah/ 60V30Ah removable battery can be easily charged in your home. 60V2000W、60V1500W/60V3000W brushless motor can support your daily riding or a travel.

Tire and suspension: 12 inches wheels.165mm front tire size and 215mm rear tire size. Front dual hydraulic suspension and rear dual spring suspension+ hydraulic brakes ensure excellent stability and precise handling riding even on rough road.

Alarm and lock: In addition to the alarm system and burglar alarm installed in the vehicle, there is a steering wheel lock on the front of the handlebars that reliably protects the electric motorcycle from theft.

Street-legal: M8 Electric scooter with EEC certificate so that it is street-legal as single-seat vehicle throughout Europe and can therefore be legally moved on roads with insurance plates. Front and rear LED lights ensure excellent visibility during the day and night, in line with current standards.

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