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Hot Topic 2024-06-14

Which electric bike is most popular in the US market? Which one do you like best?

With the impact of the environment, people's awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction has gradually increased. The most obvious thing is the change in people's travel patterns. From the beginning, when car travel was the pride, it has changed to personalized green travel, which has become the mainstream among young people.

According to big data, the popularity of the keywords commuter ebike, e mountain bike, folding electric bike, and fat tire ebikes has been rising. As a result, the bicycle industry is becoming more and more popular.

And the electric bicycles now on the market have broken the constraints of the traditional industry. More and more styles can be provided for people to choose from. Due to different interests, different uses, and different ages, designers have designed designs for these groups of people. Tailor-made styles. So it is more and more popular among people.

At the same time, there are also many low-priced electric self-driving ebikes on the market. Regardless of the frame material, electronic control system, and small accessories selection, they are all of low quality. This has affected the safety of consumers.

Therefore, when choosing a supplier, be sure to understand the background of the manufacturer. The first and most important thing to determine is, whether the supplier has its own production plant. Secondly, what are the attributes of the manufacturer’s products? Is product testing performed during manufacturing? The editor thinks these three are the most important prerequisites for cooperation!

Finally, if a manufacturer has R&D capabilities, it is perfect! (All the products on the website are models independently designed, developed, and produced by our PXID brand.)Because now the main market is young people between 25-45 years old, they prefer personalized products, not the same old styles that are everywhere on the street.

PXID meets all the above points. If you are interested in learning more about us, you can go to our official website for consultation. If you are a business, we have OEM&ODM services. If you are an individual consumer, we also have our own store with many styles for you to choose from.

If you need ODM&OEM, you can directly visit our official website www.pxid.com.

If you are a small business, it doesn't matter, we can also sell our existing models to you at www.pxid.com.

If you are for personal use and like our models, you can go directly to our store www.pxidbike.com

If there are 100 steps from an idea to product sales, you only need to take the first step and leave the remaining 99 degrees to us.


If you are interested in our products, need OEM&ODM, or purchase your favorite products directly, you can contact us through the following ways.

OEM&ODM Website: pxid.com / inquiry@pxid.com
SHOP Webiste: pxidbike.com / customer@pxid.com

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