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Is it worth it to buy an electric bike?

PXID design 2023-02-14

Someone will ask questions: Is it really worth buying an electric bike at an expensive price?

There may be different answers, today, i found some relevant market data of electric bike on a platform to show you, After reading it, do you still think its market feedback is really bad ?


Market Size (buyer size index)

According to the above data, in April 2021, electric bicycles began to come into people sight ! Only one month time ,from April to May 2021 the buyer size index rose rapidly from 761 in April to 2091 in May. Next, the buyer size data is still rising, by July 2022, the highest breakthrough will reach 3008.

Market Growth (buyers Year-on-Year)

From April 2021 to April 2022, the buyer scale index rose +431.97%

Market transformation (conversion rate)

The market conversion also rose from +3.99% in April 2021 add to +6% in January 2023. This data directly shows that people are more and more fond of electric bicycles!


Now let me analyze for you why electric bicycles are so popular when they are just launched?

First of all, electric bicycles compared with traditional bicycles, it has unique design with different styles,simple and easy to use, providing convenience and portable for people,it saves everyone's time and energy, and its travel can alleviate traffic congestion,it also reduces the consumption of short-distance travel time,improve people's best experience of short-distance travel.Most importantly, electric bicycles facilitate people's need for short trips. And driving cars for short trips will be gradually replaced by Fast electric bike. It not only reduces the environmental pollution caused by vehicle emissions, but also saves the cost of gasoline.The most important New electric bike have passed new laws, making them legal to go on the road.


In terms of frame material,we use high-strength magnesium alloy as the main frame material,the integrated magnesium alloy frame,without welding,brings more high-quality and perfect body details. At the same time,there are rich body painting design customization to create personalized travel.

Our positioning no welding is safer !


In terms of power,we usually have three different motor options: 250W/500W/750W.We recommend that you use 250W/5000W to facilitate urban commuting easily,when you want to commute in the city. We recommend you use 750W, super power, sand, snow, various road conditions can be easily passed,when you want to use it when off-road.


In terms of terrain,comparison between electric bike long range and conventional bicycle,it can be used on any road.For example, in urban streets, sand and mud,you can easily ride on roads. At this time, some people will ask, how about the experience of riding on bumpy roads? Don't worry, the electric bike is equipped with full suspension, which can effectively filter the road bumps and improve the comfort of cyclists.


In terms of braking,front and rear hydraulic braking, double safety guarantee,it greatly reduces the braking distance and provides you with a safer riding experience.


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