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PXID: MOTOR-02 wins two more design awards

PXID's awards 2021-08-24

MOTOR-02 electric motorcycle was honored with 2021 Goldreed Industrail Design Award.

Good news ! MOTOR-02 electric Harley won two awards: Contemporary Good Design Award and Goldreed Industrial Design Award.

Motor-02 wins two more design awards2
Motor-02 wins two more design awards1

The Contemporary Good Design Award (CGD) is an international design award hosted by the German Red Dot Award, and is a quality mark for outstanding design. The products that stand out will be awarded the Contemporary Good Design Gold Award and the Contemporary Good Design Award to recognize their outstanding design achievements.MOTOR-02 won the "2021 Contemporary Good Design Award" this time, which is not only the industry's recognition of PXID's intensive work in the field of travel, but also a high recognition of the PXID brand. It also confirms the hard-core brand strength of PXID.

The Golden Reed Industrial Design Award focuses on the purpose of "facing the future, creating a better life for mankind, contributing oriental wisdom, and disseminating the value and spirit of design", the realization of the goal of "helping the harmonious development of man and nature" is the starting point, and the evaluation standard system is established.MOTOR-02 won the "Excellent Product Design Award" with its cutting-edge design concept and excellent product performance, which is also the continuous affirmation of the PXID brand's technological strength and outstanding performance by Golden Reed Industrial Design.

Motor-02 wins two more design awards3

The stylish and attractive appearance of MOTOR-02 is in line with the requirements of cyclists to look at the appearance first when purchasing a car. The simple appearance and smooth lines are also perfectly in line with the ergonomic design, allowing users to ride with the most relaxed posture. Therefore, it has received wide acclaim since its listing. With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, the needs of car buyers are also getting higher and higher. The external appearance, internal economy, etc., alone will not be able to stand on a long-term basis. So in terms of configuration, MOTOR-02 is also full of bright spots. It can perfectly meet your commercial or household needs.

Under the environment of new energy, electric Harley is also gradually ushering in new changes. PXID electric pedal Harley uses lithium battery as energy, and its brand-new shape design retains the essence of Harley riding. At the same time, it also brings a more convenient and environmentally friendly travel experience. MOTOR-02 electric Harley adopts split frame design, and the main frame is welded with high-strength aluminum alloy. Under high temperature, the aluminum frame is firm and reliable. At the same time, the split seat design and the use of high-quality double shock absorbers make the riding experience more comfortable.

Motor-02 wins two more design awards4

In terms of motor, MOTOR-02 is equipped with a 3000W super-power motor, which has more prominent power performance and a strong sense of pushing back, while taking into account low energy consumption and long battery life. In addition, with the support of this motor, the maximum speed of the vehicle can reach 75km/h, and the speed of the vehicle will be faster. In terms of battery, MOTOR-02 is equipped with a 60V30Ah large-capacity battery, which not only ensures more power for the vehicle, but also enables the vehicle to have a maximum battery life of about 60 kilometers. It is full of riding power and fun. Equipped with swappable battery, it can replenish power anytime and anywhere.

In terms of comfort, PXID strives to make MOTOR-02 as comfortable as the sofa stool in the living room at home. The slightly collapsed cushion design ensures the comfort of the rider and the rider to a great extent, and the thick shock absorber can improve the overall support even under full load, whenever it encounters a bumpy non-paved road , Strong chassis and suspension, the most direct feedback that does not make people feel jitter. In terms of handling, the MOTOR-02 does not lose to any street bike, and the handlebars can better understand the rider's intentions, whichever way to hit. Cornering is firm, lean is low, and driving is fun. All in all, the MOTOR-02's driving experience is not mediocre, there is too much riding fun, and it is better than safety.

Motor-02 wins two more design awards5

MOTOR-02 is equipped with a multi-function LCD screen, which clearly displays the relevant information of the vehicle, such as: speed, power, mileage, etc., which can be safely and conveniently used for riding. The front LED round high-brightness headlights have high brightness and long range, making it safer to travel at night. The left and right turn signals are also equipped next to the headlights at the front and rear of the car body, which greatly improves the passive safety of the vehicle when traveling at night.

MOTOR-02 adopts 12-inch ultra-wide tires, because it can not only improve the stability of the vehicle, but also enhance the comfort of the vehicle. The wide tires have a strong cushioning effect, and the wider the tires, the better the cushioning. The better, the better the cushioning, the more comfortable the vehicle will be during driving.

Motor-02 wins two more design awards6

In the past, PXID has also won many awards such as the German Red Dot Design Award, the IF Design Award Taiwan Golden Dot Award, the Contemporary Good Design Award, and the Red Star Award.Design and R&D strength is obvious to all.PXID has always adhered to the corporate mission of "making the future travel mode greener, more convenient and safer", and independently developed core technologies to make products with both excellent performance and stylish appearance. Technology, service and other aspects have been continuously upgraded. With fashionable shapes, trendy colors, excellent quality and five-star service standards, it has been unanimously recognized by the market and users.

On the occasion of the new year of brand innovation in 2022, PXID has always maintained its original intention, always adhered to the principle of customer first, continued to innovate and forge ahead, and adhered to the design purpose of "making today's design from the perspective of the future", using high-quality products and Forward-looking design continuously leverages product and brand power in the "Industry 4.0" era, creating more value for consumers and the industry.

In the future, PXID will continue to improve product design capabilities, continue to increase core technology research and development efforts, promote the deep integration of art and technology, and continuously upgrade design and manufacturing, help the intelligent mobility tool industry to flourish, and create a green, safe, and technological travel mode.

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