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What is the difference between an e bike and an electric bike in Europe?

Hot Topic 2023-11-15

In the European market,  “e bikes” and “electric bikes” both refer to electric power-assisted bikes, but they have some differences in motors, speed, range, laws and regulations, etc.

Motor Power: e bike usually refers to a bike equipped with an electric power-assisted system below 250 watts. This electric power-assisted system only provides a certain degree of assistance when riding, rather than completely replacing human riding. This design enables the e-bike to be classified as a bike in Europe and does not require a driving license or registration.


A bike electric usually refers to a bike equipped with a higher-power electric assist system, whose motor power can reach 750 watts or higher. This electric power-assisted system can completely replace human riding and even reach higher speeds. In Europe, these types of e-bikes may require registration and a driving license.


Speed: The maximum assisted speed of e bikes is usually limited to 25 km/h, while the assisted speed of electric bikes can be higher, which is why registration and a driving license are required in some areas.


Range: Due to the different power of the electric assist system, the endurance of e bike and electric bike is also different. Typically, electric bikes have larger battery capacities and longer driving ranges.


Laws & Regulations: In Europe, laws and regulations on e bikes and electric bikes vary from country to country. But generally speaking, e bikes are regarded as bicycles, while electric bikes are classified as motorcycles or motor vehicles and need to comply with corresponding laws and regulations, including registration, driving license and insurance.


Generally speaking, the differences between e bikes and electric bikes in the European market are mainly reflected in motor power, speed, range, laws and regulations, etc.

Consumers should choose a suitable electric power-assisted bike based on their needs and local regulations when purchasing.

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