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Invite You To The Canton Fair

PXID design 2024-04-16

The Canton Fair is in full swing, and PXID's booth has attracted the attention of many foreign customers. The latest ANTELOPE P5 and MANTIS P6 fat tire electric bikes were immediately loved and favored by customers after they were displayed.


Customers have said that PXID's electric bicycles not only have a stylish appearance but also have excellent performance, which meets their needs. In addition to ANTELOPEP5 and MANTIS P6, PXID also has more products to choose from to meet customers' different needs and preferences.


If you are also interested in PXID's products, please come to our booth to chat with us and learn more about our products. Of course, you can also follow our official website and social media accounts. We will regularly push the latest product information and developments so that you can learn about the latest developments of PXID as soon as possible.

PXID looks forward to cooperating with you to jointly develop the electric bicycle market and provide more people with a convenient and environmentally friendly travel method. Thanks for your interest and support!

PXID sincerely invites you to visit our booth to discuss cooperation opportunities. We will provide detailed product introductions, professional consultation answers, cooperation negotiations, and other services and support. We look forward to working with you to create brilliance together !

Time: 15-19th April 2024

Address: Pazhou Exhibition Hall, Guangzhou (Area C )

Booth number: 16.2 E14-15


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