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How to get better control quality of ebikes ?

PXID design 2023-06-30

With the gradual increase of the types of modern means of transportation, bicycles have always occupied an important position in people's daily travel, and electric bicycles have performed particularly well in recent years.It not only provides great convenience for people's travel,Urban foldable electric hybrid bike, easy to carry. but also has a certain entertainment function,for example, to meet the cycling enthusiasts who love off-road, to provide hybrid electric mountain fat bikes,Helps improve people's physical fitness. In recent years, the degree of specialized production of bicycle parts has continued to increase,the overall assembly structure of the bicycle has also undergone great changes.The quality of bicycle products has been highly valued. It is very necessary to do a good job in quality control of bicycle assembly.


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Bicycle is a common means of transport in people's daily life,even today with the rapid development of science and technology, electric bicycles are the first means of transportation that are popular among people.Electric bikes have the advantages of small size and light weight, today, with the increasing number of cars in cities, it is very convenient to travel by electric bicycle.At the same time, electric bicycles can also effectively reduce carbon dioxide levels in cities.At present, electric bicycles are not only a means of transportation for people's daily travel, but also have certain functions and entertainment.In the design process, it is necessary to meet the individuality of consumers and provide a basic guarantee for the overall quality of bicycle products.


Quality Control of PXID Electric Bicycle / Electric Scooter Production Process

The quality control of the production process of electric bicycles is an important part of the quality control of bicycle assembly.Through the inspection of the production process of electric bicycles, problems can be found in time before the semi-finished products enter the next process.And prevent defective products from entering the next process at the first time to avoid unnecessary waste of resources.PXID draws the process flow diagram in the production process according to the actual situation of electric bicycle assembly,strictly formulate the inspection procedures and process quality inspection standards for the bicycle production process,Generally adopt the method of "first article inspection" and "three inspection system" for quality control,Ensuring the quality control effect of the bicycle assembly.


"First article inspection" refers to the inspection of the first product after employees go to work,each production team leader should organize workshop inspectors to inspect the quality of the first product and the first complete vehicle,it mainly plays a preventive role, and can detect defects in the assembly process of bicycles in time,Clarify whether there are safety hazards in the mechanical equipment during the production process,thereby realizing the reasonable control of the assembly quality of the complete bicycle.

The "three-inspection system" only needs to include three aspects: "self-inspection", "mutual inspection" and "special inspection",PXID will regularly organize technical training for production staff,continuously improve the self-inspection awareness of employees, and be able to actively carry out self-inspection in the production process,thus ensuring the quality control effect of bicycle assembly.Moreover, PXID also encourages employees to conduct mutual inspections, so that they can timely discover problems that they did not notice during the inspection process.

At the same time, PXID has also set up a professional QC team to operate electric bicycle and electric scooter laboratories,strengthen the inspection and testing of parts, semi-finished products, and finished products, which greatly improves the quality of the products.

Here's what's in the PXID lab:


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