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Magnesium alloy integrated die-casting frame

Magnesium alloy integrated die-casting frame

Using magnesium alloy as the frame material, it is 75% lighter than steel, 30% lighter than aluminum, and has higher strength, better shock resistance and corrosion resistance.
The frame is integrally die-casted, and the whole vehicle has no solder joints. In the mass production process, man-hours are greatly reduced and manufacturing costs are reduced.

Low-carbon manufacturing, high-energy output

Low-carbon manufacturing, high-energy output

Magnesium alloy material has a low melting point, which brings less carbon emissions to vehicle manufacturing and production

City travel "last mile"

As personal mobility increases to blend into our urban lifestyle,
there still remain unsolved safety and usability problems. PXID
provides a new form of solution for electric scooters and helps
users enjoy a smarter and safer riding experience.
City travel
Convenient travel unimpeded

Convenient travel unimpeded

Folds quickly in 3 seconds. It can be brought into public
transportation facilities or office buildings at any time,
greatly improving the efficiency of daily travel

360° Security lighting system

LED headlights, innovative body atmosphere lights, automobile and fog-surface three-dimensional taillights ensure driving safety and satisfy young people's individual expression.

360° Security lighting system
electric scooter two wheels electric scooter made in china

PXID Best Light Weight Power 9 Inch Electric Kick Scooter For Adult


Model URBAN -10
Color Silver/Black
Frame Material Magnesium alloy
Motor 300 W
Battery Capacity 36V 7.5AH/36V 10Ah
Range 35km
Speed 25 km/h
Suspension None
Brake Front drum brake,rear electronic brake
Max Load 120kg
Headlight Yes
Tire Front and rear 9 inch air tire
Unfolded Size 1120mm*1075mm*505mm
Folded Size 1092mm*483mm*489mm


• The model displayed on this page is Urban 10. The promotional pictures, models, performance and other parameters are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product information for specific product information.

• For detailed parameters, see the manual.

• Due to the manufacturing process, the color may vary.

• The cruising range values are the results of internal laboratory tests. The actual vehicle cruising range will also be affected by various factors such as wind speed, road surface, and operating habits. The cruising range values on  this parameter page are for reference only.

Exclusive features of the electric scooter: Minimalist design of electric scooter, hidden cables, simple and beautiful. Rear fender unique design makes it looks premium.

Magnesium alloy frame material: High strength and light weight, easy to carry. 150kg loading capacity makes the electric scooter suitable for any weight people. 15kg net weight bring super easy carry.

Non-slip electric scooter handle: The non-slip handle provides excellent comfort. The material highlights the grip as clean and tidy, as well as good looking.

Large scooter tire: 9 inches tubeless air tire - the optimal size for urban driving. It absorbs the shock at the most by air rebound.

The distance is up to 30 km: Depending on your needs and driving habits, you will be able to drive 25-30 km on a single charge. Easy drive, 3 speed level of 15-20-25 km / h.

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