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  • For short-distance travel, what do you choose to use as a means of transportation?

    2021-08-31 136 times

    There is always such a small group of people around. When someone else buys a car or takes a driver’s license, they put their car in the garage, and only use it when the whole family or friends are out. Why don't you drive to and from get off work and take short trips? Is the gas bill too expensive?…

  • Does the electric bike run far?

    2021-08-31 120 times

    Although the endurance of electric bicycles has been greatly improved in recent years, it is undeniable that the endurance of electric bicycles is always the most concerned issue for users. Because everyone knows that if an electric bicycle can't run without electricity, it is basically impossible t…

  • How much do you know about the speed problem of electric scooters?

    2021-08-26 155 times

    More and more people like to play electric scooters. In driving, we need to pay attention to the maximum speed of electric scooters, so that it can relatively control speed to ensure safe and convenient driving. The maximum speed of the general electric scooter can reach 25km / h, although this spee…

  • Electric bicycle header is very durable, why is it faster after?

    2021-08-26 80 times

    The popularity of electric bicycles, let the group of people have increased, many people like to ride electric bicycles for short distances, and many users have time long, they will slowly discover the first electricity of electric bicycles very useful. As the first power is exhausted, the speed of …

  • After-sales service

    2021-08-25 122 times

    Please scan the QR code to add after-sales engineer consultation Online time: Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am-18:00 pm

  • 平衡车故障代码

    2021-08-25 15 times

  • How about three-in-one children’s scooter? How is the experience?

    2021-08-25 87 times

    However, with the development of the economy, children nowadays are exposed to more and more novel things, so their toys are becoming more and more novel. I am afraid that ordinary cars, scooters and so on can no longer satisfy them. But if there is a three-in-one multifunctional scooter, and even i…

  • How many kilowatt-hours of electricity does the meter go after charging the electric bicycle once?

    2021-08-25 79 times

    At that time, I often used electric bicycles, shopping for food after get off work, and charging them frequently. Once, it was also because of curiosity. So I just want to see how much electricity is needed to fully charge an electric bicycle. The battery of an electric bicycle is 60V, 20A, which is…

  • What are the common batteries for electric bicycles?

    2021-08-24 83 times

    The common batteries for electric bicycles on the market now include lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries. So how are they different? One: lithium battery Lithium batteries can be divided into cylindrical batteries, square batteries, and soft-pack batteries according to the subdivision of the b…

  • How old is the children’s scooter suitable for children?

    2021-08-24 132 times

    How old can a baby play on a scooter? Children under 3 years old are not suitable to play scooters independently. Children's body is in a critical period of development. If you play scooters for a long time, the leg muscles will be excessively distributed, which will affect the overall development o…

  • P3 Instruction Manual

    2021-08-23 96 times

  • P2 Instruction Manual

    2021-08-23 86 times

  • When buying an electric bicycle, please keep in mind the 4 suggestions

    2021-08-23 107 times

    How can electric bicycles be used safely after the introduction of the new national standard? How does the "plastic limit order" have effects in life? … The Market Supervision Bureau launched a public voice hotline to respond on-site on hot topics of public concern. "Guangdong is a big province in t…

  • Buy electric bicycles and look for the CCC certification mark

    2021-08-23 104 times

    September is the national "Quality Month". Guangdong is a major province in the production and consumption of electric bicycles. How is the implementation of the new national standard for electric bicycles and how should consumers buy them? On September 21, Tang Wu, deputy director of the Guangdong …

  • In the autumn, the electric bicycle is maintained like this, and you can ride for two more years!

    2021-08-20 142 times

    Summer retreats, autumn is coming, without the sun's exposure, the frequency of use of electric bicycles is gradually increasing. With the coolness of the autumn rain and the cold, the maintenance of electric bicycles cannot be ignored. Since the charger will generate a certain amount of heat during…

  • Lithium battery vs. lead-acid battery, who is the final winner?

    2021-08-20 124 times

    Lithium-ionization is the general trend, but the road will be extremely tortuous. According to industry estimates, lithium batteries currently account for less than 15% of the electric bicycle market. The competition between lithium battery and lead-acid is a zero-sum game. One more lithium battery …