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The electric scooter race at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour will start next year

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After people discovered the hazards and effects of carbon emissions, in addition to the gradual electrification of commercial vehicles, groups driven by pure electricity have also begun to develop in large and small events at home and abroad. Whether it is MotoE, FIA’s Formula E, FIM, or TSR’s EVS, they are all born under this trend. Recently, eSkootr, an electric scooter event, also announced that it will be officially held next year.

The emerging electric scooter competition eSkootr Championship will be officially unveiled next year.

Eskotr sx-1 light skateboard racing

The SX-1 scooter developed by Williams Advanced Engineering looks like an aerodynamics package transplanted with electric formula racing, the difference is the reduced version. In order to achieve the ultimate lightweight, SX-1 uses a frame, car shell and aerodynamic kit made of carbon fiber. These small fairings can be designed for the extremely lightweight SX-1, providing part of the downforce and rectification effects required for high-speed driving. When the vehicle speed exceeds 100 km/h, the aluminum CNC adjustable front and rear suspension kit can ensure stability and provide an inclination angle of more than 50 degrees! In addition, even with these exterior parts, SX-1 still retains a short and powerful electric scooter. Of course, SX-1 will not run on the big tracks we are familiar with around the world, but will race on small tracks from 400 meters to 1000 meters specially designed for eSkootr.

The lightweight eSkootr can reach a speed of more than 100 km/h and an inclination angle of up to 50 degrees.

The electric scooter race at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour will start next year

Bradley Smith

As the only driver on the podium in four motorcycle events of different levels (Moto3/Moto2/MotoGp/MotoE), he even stood on the podium four times with 88 points in the six seasons of MotoE, ranking Second in the standings. Former MotoGP driver Bradley Smith is the best candidate for eSkootr promotion ambassador. At the same time, due to the relatively low cost and maintenance cost of electric scooters, and the relatively easy-to-learn driving characteristics, Bradley Smith believes that eSkootr will be a civilian sport where everyone has a chance, and said that it will continue to recruit drivers.

The development of ESC events

Nowadays, with the increasing awareness of sustainable development, eSkootr, which is simpler, lighter, and cheaper to maintain, has the ability to become a more popular electric event in response to the success of electric events such as Formula E and MotoE. More and more people in the world commute in big cities. Because electric scooters are convenient to store, charge, and avoid traffic jams, they choose electric scooters as their means of transportation. With such a huge consumer market and environmental protection concept, eSkootr becomes a FIM certified event just around the corner.

In the future, electric scooters will become a popular means of transportation and one of the mainstream events.