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Reducing the hidden dangers of electric bicycles from the source

pxidw 2022-01-05 144 times

The hidden dangers of electric bicycles cannot be ignored. The Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau stated that since the beginning of October, it has concentrated on the city's electric bicycle and battery sales stores to carry out dragnet inspections, focusing on the investigation and punishment of illegal modifications, electric bicycles, and the sale of unqualified electric bicycles and batteries without compulsory certification. A total of 48 cases were filed with a fine of 327,900 yuan, effectively deterring violations of quality and safety.

There are approximately 300 million electric bicycles in China. Due to convenience and economy, electric bicycles have become an important travel tool. If quality and safety are not guaranteed, it will cause potential hazards to people's personal and property safety, not only harming users, but also affecting surrounding areas and causing even greater tragedies. Therefore, users must not only regulate and abide by the operation of riding, but also ensure the quality of the product, prevent illegal modification, and reduce potential safety hazards from the source.

Reducing the hidden dangers of electric bicycles from the source


Fire accidents and traffic accidents are the two major consequences of electric bicycle safety hazards. At the press conference of the Office of the State Council in November, Qiong Se, director of the Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management, introduced that since this year, more than 10,000 electric bicycle fires have occurred across the country and have caused casualties. Some electric bicycles are privately modified to accelerate, and some even run faster than motor vehicles. In addition, some users have weak security awareness, which makes others frightened. According to the analysis of the National Quality Inspection Center for Light Electric Vehicles and Battery Products, it is found that vehicle modification is the key behavior that causes accidents, and batteries and chargers are important sources of accidents.

Among the illegal cases announced by the State Administration of Market Supervision in Shanghai, some operators sold substandard vehicles and more were suspected of illegal modification. According to the relevant "national standards", the speed of electric bicycles should not exceed 25 kilometers per hour, and the battery voltage should not exceed 48 volts. If the speed limit is exceeded and the battery is installed in excess of the standard, the speed will be faster and the cruising range will be longer, but safety will be lost. According to media reports, some non-mainstream brands of electric bicycles "reserve" space for modification operations when they leave the factory. In this regard, not only enterprises must be self-disciplined, but the regulatory authorities must also strengthen inspections, both to investigate and deal with illegal modifications, and to prevent production companies from "leaving behind."

Reducing the potential safety hazards of electric bicycles requires the joint efforts of regulatory agencies, enterprises, and users. For example, takeaway platforms and express companies also need to further optimize algorithms and assessments to allow riders to ride safely. Electric bicycles should be a helper in life and work, and don't let it become an unsafe factor.