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What changes does the new national standard bring to the safety of electric bicycles?

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Electric bicycles have always been an important means of transportation for the general public. However, due to uneven vehicle safety performance and frequent traffic violations by cyclists, it has brought hidden dangers to road traffic safety. On April 15, 2019, the new mandatory national standard for electric bicycles "E-bike Safety Technical Specifications" (hereinafter referred to as the "new national standard") was formally implemented. One year has passed, what changes has the new national standard brought to the safety of electric bicycles? Has the number of traffic accidents related to electric bicycles decreased?

Recently, the traffic police detachment of the Suzhou Public Security Bureau released an analysis of the electric bicycle traffic safety situation and typical cases, hoping to remind the general public to ride electric bicycles safely and civilly.

Typical case 1: An accident caused by an electric bicycle running through a red light, more than 100,000 treatment costs should be borne by yourself

Typical case 2: Electric bicycles are severely speeding, causing accidents and causing deaths.

Typical case 3: Intracranial hemorrhage occurred when the helmet was not worn properly

How to wear a safety helmet correctly

What changes does the new national standard bring to the safety of electric bicycles?

①After measuring the head circumference or trying on the helmet, determine the size of the helmet. The rear adjuster must be opened to the maximum when wearing it.

② Wear the helmet horizontally, do not lean forward or tilt backward. The back tilt of the helmet will block the line of sight and cannot protect the safety of the back position of the head, and the forward tilt of the helmet will cause the helmet to fail to protect the safety of the forehead position.

③Tighten the adjuster until the helmet does not shake and feels comfortable.

④Adjust the height of the black bifurcated buckles of the webbing on both sides of the helmet so that the position of the ears is exactly in the middle of the two webbings.

⑤Adjust the length of the chin socket and fasten it. There is a finger gap at the chin, which is a safe and suitable way to wear.

Through the analysis of the causes of traffic accidents involving electric bicycles, the accidents caused by electric bicycle traffic violations are more prominent. The top 5 traffic violations are:

1. Failure to yield as required;

2. Violation of traffic signals;

3. Retrograde;

4. Occupy the road illegally;

5. Driving on the road illegally (such as unlicensed cars, assembled cars and other vehicles that do not have the conditions for driving on the road)

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