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Electric scooters slow down, what’s the matter?

pxidw 2021-11-19 31 times

Recently, some netizens left a message saying that in the past, electric scooters could reach a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour, but in these two days, suddenly, it can only run 25 kilometers? What happened? Ask the great god for advice!

In fact, many users of electric scooters have seen electric scooters slow down. In fact, there are five main reasons why electric scooters slow down:

1. The battery power is insufficient, the output current is insufficient, and the speed becomes slow

2. Mechanical failure, increased friction, slowed down

3. Touch the third gear button or accidentally insert the speed limit line

4. Demagnetization of the motor, power attenuation and deceleration

5. The internal fault of the controller, the controller does not match the motor

Electric scooters slow down, what's the matter?

Of course, in the face of objective factors such as headwind, uphill, overweight, etc., the speed of the car will also slow down.


1. The electric scooter is fully charged

2. Open the seat cushion to detect the controller. If there is a peculiar smell or burn marks, it should be replaced immediately.

3. Remove the throttle handle and check if the sliding electric shock is in bad contact

4. Lift the car and turn the front and rear wheels by hand to see if there is any abnormal noise in the brakes. If necessary, remove the brake cover to clean up foreign objects

If the problem cannot be solved through a series of tests, it is best to go to a professional repair point in time, because the longer the delay, the greater the possibility of damage to the support.