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The “price war” of electric scooters this year is more intense and thorough than ever.

pxidw 2021-11-17 33 times

The "price war" of electric scooters this year is more intense and thorough than ever.

In the past, big brands fought price wars with each other in order to be the first, second, third, and fourth place, while some small brands "poached corners" and "played guerrillas" at lower prices.

This year, the big brands have regained their sanity and started to take action. Not only did they fight each other, they really broke the reserve price.

The unstoppable "price war" will leave most brands with only two results. If you follow, you will look for death. If you do not follow, you will wait for death.

We all know that "price war" is an aphrodisiac, which can promote desire from low to high. The larger the dose, the better the short-term effect. However, it often damages the body and kidneys. Without long-term accumulation of strong physique, the body will be hollowed out in a few days.

The "price war" of electric scooters this year is more intense and thorough than ever.

This fierce competition will confuse many companies and force them to keep up with the price war. If the foundation is unstable, it will be dragged to death. If they cannot keep up with the price war, they will only lose sales.

Gods fight, mortals suffer. Don't lose your foundation and hard work for many years is just a moment. What we can do now is to fully understand ourselves, it is time to test the strategic strength of the company. Those who are not determined enough will be dragged to death, scared to death, consumed to death and so on. Those who are determined enough may escape disaster. The appropriate strategic contraction may be to stop losses.

Many people worry about when the price war will end? Many people also realize that once the price war starts, it is difficult to stop like this year until a dominant electric scooter company appears, and many companies are in a dormant or downturn.

A few years ago, when these four families were fighting, several brands seized the opportunity to develop against the trend. Now they have become the forefront of the industry. Now, there will be such an opportunity, but this opportunity may be more difficult to grasp than before.

Don't have illusions about price wars. This dose of aphrodisiac will overdraft your body. It's nice to calm down once. Don't get addicted. To lay a good foundation, to do a good job in brand, products and services, survival is the key.