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Why do electric scooters use more hub motors instead of mid-mounted motors?

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The driving system of two-wheeled electric scooters is a motor. The motors can be divided into two types: mid-mounted motor and hub motor, but the electric scooters on the market are basically equipped with hub motors, and it is very rare to install central motors. what is the reason? This is the main reason.

1. The performance requirements of the two-wheeled electric scooter are not high, and the in-wheel motor can meet the requirements.

The biggest advantage of the mid-mounted motor is that it has a strong heat dissipation capacity under high-speed driving conditions. When the speed reaches 80 km/h or more, it will release a lot of heat. If it is a hub motor, it is easy to burn the tires. However, in daily life, most vehicles travel at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, and the heat dissipation effect is very small, so the hub motor is sufficient.

2. The later maintenance of the hub motor is simple.

Another major advantage of in-wheel motors is the low failure rate, simple after-sales service and maintenance, and low cost. The later maintenance of the mid-mounted motor is more troublesome, requiring replacement of belts, oil, and differential lubrication and maintenance, and the later maintenance costs are also high.

Why do electric scooters use more hub motors instead of mid-mounted motors?

3. The cost of a mid-mounted motor is much higher than that of a hub motor.

The cost of the mid-mounted motor is much higher than that of the hub motor, which is the core reason. The structure of the mid-mounted motor is more complicated, including electric motors, differentials, flywheels, transmission belts and other equipment. The cost of a set of 1000 W mid-mounted motor is 800~1000 yuan, the structure of the in-wheel motor is relatively simple, and the cost of one set is less than 1000 yuan.

4. The wheel hub motor is more efficient, saves electricity and can run farther.

Compared with the belt-driven mid-mounted motor, the hub motor is directly mounted on the rear wheel, and the power conversion is more direct. Because there is no energy loss in the transmission, the motor has high efficiency, low energy consumption and better energy saving effect, which is beneficial to promotion.

Therefore, these four points are the core reasons why most two-wheel electric scooters use hub motors instead of intermediate motors. Does everyone understand? Do you have any good ideas? Welcome to give me a message!