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New regulations for electric vehicles will be implemented soon!

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Electric vehicle companies are in full swing in the final market competition, and changes in electric vehicle policies across the country always affect the trend of terminal sales. In February 2020, another wave of new electric vehicle rules will be implemented. Let’s take a look. Bar!

Jiangsu Province: Starting from December 1st, all electric bikes must wear a helmet

In accordance with the "Regulations on the Management of Electric Bicycles in Jiangsu Province," 13 cities in Jiangsu Province have announced the implementation time and areas for compulsory wearing of safety helmets for riding electric bicycles. At present, Nanjing, Changzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Yancheng, Taizhou have been implemented in the whole city, Xuzhou City, Nantong, Yangzhou, Suqian have been implemented in September, Huai'an, Zhenjiang, Lianyungang Haizhou District and other places have been implemented on October 1. Implement. After December 1st, the whole area of ​​Jiangsu implemented compulsory wearing of helmets when riding electric bicycles.

Zhumadian, Henan: Since December 1, unlicensed electric vehicles will be strictly investigated and fines will be imposed for violations

From December 1st, in order to reduce road traffic safety hazards and curb the occurrence of traffic accidents involving electric vehicles, Zhumadian will implement strict inspections on electric vehicles that have not been registered and registered without a license plate. In addition, they will also Strictly investigate the behaviors of running red lights, going backwards, occupying motor lanes, and installing electric vehicles that have been listed. According to regulations, electric vehicles running red lights or going backwards will be fined 20 yuan. There will be a fine of 50 yuan.

New regulations for electric vehicles will be implemented soon!

Hefei, Anhui: As of the end of December, non-standard electric vehicles will no longer be listed after the expiry date

From June 1st to December 31st this year, Hefei City carried out the centralized free registration and licensing of electric bicycles. The traffic police department established 56 registration and licensing service outlets in the city. As the policy deadline is approaching and the number of citizens on the cards has increased, the traffic police department took the initiative to work overtime, organized "mobile" teams, party member volunteers and other personnel to use weekends and holidays to "move" the e-bike registration points to communities and units. Instruct citizens to register and register. Once the license is over, all unlicensed electric vehicles and vehicles that exceed the standard without a temporary license plate will be prohibited from passing on Hefei roads. Starting January 1, 2021, the Hefei traffic police department will strictly investigate electric bicycles that are on the road without a license or temporary sign. , Car owners will face "temporary suspension of vehicles

Jincheng, Shanxi: From December 1, "Jincheng Electric Vehicle Management Regulations" will be implemented

The "Regulations" are divided into "General Provisions", "Production, Sales, Maintenance and Recycling", "Registration Management", "Road Traffic", "Guarantee and Supervision", "Legal Liability", and "Supplementary Provisions" with a total of 50 articles. The "Regulations" require that: those who drive electric bicycles should be at least 16 years old; those who drive electric ordinary motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric three-wheeled vehicles, and four-wheel low-speed electric vehicles should obtain the corresponding motor vehicle driving model. certificate. When driving an electric bicycle on the road, you should carry a driving license; when driving other electric vehicles on the road, you should carry a driving license and a driving license. The "Regulations" also stipulate that: minors are not allowed to drive electric bicycles; adults driving electric bicycles can only carry one minor under the age of 16, and those who carry minors under the age of six should use safety seats; electric bicycles Only after obtaining a valid number plate and a driving permit issued by the traffic management department of the public security organ of this city or county (city) can they drive on the road.

The new year is approaching, and a new batch of electric vehicle regulations will be implemented. I believe that in the coming time, there will be more places to update the new electric vehicle regulations. Everyone will be seated and comply with the local electric vehicle management regulations. Don't be punished.