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Traffic jams, why not let go of electric bicycles? Relieving stress depends on electric vehicles

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The current traffic congestion is not mainly caused by electric bicycles. In fact, the traffic congestion is caused by the mass purchase of cars on the road. On the contrary, the bicycle design is convenient, simple and easy to pass. The so-called some people say that it causes traffic congestion and brings insecurity to the traffic. This often represents one aspect of interest. It is not as serious as they say, and all the responsibility is placed on electric vehicles. vehicle.

Completely let go of the travel demand of electric vehicles, which may cause great traffic congestion for patients. After all, some people use cars and electric vehicles as travel tools, and use them according to regulations. Natural traffic will be relieved to a certain extent. Management departments should strengthen standardized management, and will still reduce deliberate violations and traffic accidents.


Traffic jams, why not let go of electric bicycles? Relieving stress depends on electric vehicles


Income determines the choice of transportation

The amount of income for each family determines the choice of transportation. For example, the average monthly income of family members is 5,000 yuan, and if 2 or 3 people are paid, they will inevitably choose to buy a car. But there are 4 family members, and the elderly are 6~8 members. Travel can't be solved by a car. After all, some have different routes to work and limited time. They will choose relatively inexpensive, high-quality, convenient and flexible electric vehicle assistance as a family travel tool. It is also the most common practice for families who have bought a car. I often encounter this situation during repairs.

Low- and middle-income families have two adults with wages and a per capita income of 3,000 yuan. They will inevitably choose to buy electric vehicles as a travel tool. This will not only protect the family's travel needs, but also the family's financial expenditure. Compared to relying on two legs in the past, commuting to get off work by bicycle is much more convenient. Many families are willing to do the same. The main household expenditure pattern, after all, the life needs of the whole family and children’s school expenses will be greater.

There are many factors in the strengthening of electric vehicles management and the prohibition of motorcycles and power restrictions.

It is inevitable to strengthen management of some traffic chaos caused by the large number of electric vehicles on the market, and some traffic accidents that have occurred. Strengthening standardized management can greatly alleviate traffic pressure and traffic accidents for all types of travel tools.

From September 15, 2019 to the present, the state and local governments have successively introduced and implemented regulations on the management of electric vehicles, and various localities have achieved certain results in strengthening the standardized management of electric vehicles. For urban parking and parking, violations have been achieved. A certain effect.

Now that the standardized management of electric vehicles can achieve results, the ban on electric bicycles should be lifted. Strengthen the detailed regulations of electric vehicle management, as long as they are reasonable, the public will accept it, but the management regulations of bicycle design should be combined with humanity and public needs. You cannot only consider one aspect of the benefits, and support production while banning or prohibiting the operation. , Also does not comply with the state's encouragement policy for environmentally friendly energy vehicles.

Letting go of electric bicycles can relieve traffic pressure

Each family’s purchase of travel vehicles is determined based on the family’s economic income, especially the subsequent consumption of vehicles. This choice is to do what you can, and buy according to the needs of the family.