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The electric bicycle is out of power halfway, how can we solve it, PXID tells you the way

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With the rapid development of economic conditions, with the emergence of various means of transportation, it has also greatly facilitated people's travel. As a light and fast means of transportation, an electric car is not as comfortable as a car, but it is undoubtedly a lot more comfortable if you go to the subway and bus early in the morning. Compared with a bicycle, it saves time than a bicycle. It saves much effort, so it is also very popular with everyone. Although it is really helpful for our travel, I have seen a problem discussed by some netizens on the Internet before, that is, if the electric bike suddenly runs out of power during riding, it will make people feel very embarrassed, although Electric cars are relatively light, but it is very troublesome to push them up. For this problem, PXID also gave us suggestions, let us take a look.


The electric bicycle is out of power halfway, how can we solve it, PXID tells you the way


1. Use a portable fast charger

When we are riding an electric bicycle, if we find that the battery has only 1 bar, then it means that the battery is running low. At this time, if we are still a little away from the destination, then we can also try our best To maintain a constant speed, because we maintain a constant speed method, we can make the power consumption of electric vehicles a little slower. When the power of our electric car is completely exhausted, we can also take out the portable fast charger we brought and find a store to borrow it for a while, because this charger uses a parallel charging principle, which can be It is a very convenient solution to allow the battery to be fully charged in a short time without damaging the life of the battery.

Second, the booster of electric vehicles

Using a portable fast charger is actually suitable for special situations. When we really can't find a place to charge, then we can only do it on our own. But under normal circumstances, the electric car has more than 100 kilograms. It is not easy to push it up. In this case, special treatment is needed. At this time, we can use the booster of the electric bicycle. The booster of the electric bicycle is also very useful when the tire is flat or exploding. If you use the booster of the electric bicycle, under this special situation It is possible to push the electric car without too much effort, so when we usually use the electric car, it is best to bring an electric car booster, so that we can also deal with this situation very conveniently.

When we usually go out, we must also take into account special circumstances, so we still have to prepare some preparatory tools, so that we can ensure that these problems can be dealt with quickly.