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“Attention” How to purchase and use electric bicycles correctly? 7 detailed questions and answers!

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Most electric bicycle fire accidents are related to illegal assembly and modification, and irregular parking and charging. So, what is the act of assembling, installing, or modifying electric bicycles? Can the original 48V battery be replaced with 60V and above? How do consumers buy electric bicycles correctly? How do operators operate electric bicycles in accordance with the law?

What is the act of assembling, adding, or modifying electric bicycles?

Article 9 of the "Procedures of Shanghai Municipality on the Administration of Non-motorized Vehicles" stipulates that units and individuals are prohibited from engaging in the following activities:

(1) Assembling non-motor vehicles;

(2) Installing power units, hoods, seats, and high-decibel audio on non-motor vehicles;

(3) Replacing the non-motor vehicle power plant or changing the size of the exhaust device;

(4) Dismantling or modifying non-motor vehicle noise reduction, speed limit, and exhaust gas treatment devices;

(5) Other installations and modifications that affect the traffic safety of non-motor vehicles.

Whether it is a consumer or a seller, it is strictly forbidden to assemble, retrofit, or modify electric bicycles or sell or use assembled and modified electric bicycles, otherwise they will bear legal responsibility.

"Attention" How to purchase and use electric bicycles correctly? 7 detailed questions and answers!

Can the original 48V battery be replaced with 60V and above?

Operators often modify the 48V battery into a battery with a voltage of 60V or even higher according to the needs of users for fast running and long endurance. However, the current "Safety Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycles" (GB 17761-2018) stipulates that the nominal voltage of the battery should not be greater than 48V.
According to the Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the Administration of Non-motorized Vehicles, replacing batteries larger than 48V is an act of installation or modification, and driving an electric bicycle installed or modified on the road is a road traffic violation and will be punished by the public security organs in accordance with regulations.

What are the precautions for the use of electric bicycle batteries?

There are two types of electric bicycle batteries: lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Lead-acid batteries are not prone to extreme accidents such as fire and explosion, but they are bulky and small in capacity. Although lithium batteries are light and portable, they are prone to explosion and fire when subjected to squeezing, puncture, and high temperature. When purchasing a battery, consumers should carefully check whether it is consistent with the battery information on the electric bicycle CCC certificate and certificate.

Can the electric bicycle charger be equipped casually?

no. Consumers should use the original charger or a charger that matches the battery voltage and other parameters. Never mix chargers of different models. A charger that does not match the battery parameters may bring fire hazards even if the quality is qualified.

"Attention" How to purchase and use electric bicycles correctly? 7 detailed questions and answers!

How do consumers buy electric bicycles correctly?

First, look for the 3C logo. Consumers should carefully check whether the vehicle has the 3C mark during the purchase process, and do not buy products with unclear marks or without the 3C mark.

Second, compare the vehicle information. Read the manual carefully, scan the QR code on the vehicle certificate and compare the information with the actual vehicle. The key point is to check whether the key components such as the battery and charger are consistent with the CCC certificate and certificate information, and whether the supporting accessories are complete.

Third, we must purchase through formal channels. You should choose a business with complete licenses, high market reputation, and stable business conditions to buy vehicles, and pay attention to asking for valid bills and keeping them properly.

How do consumers use electric bicycles correctly?

First, pay attention to charging safety. Do not pull wires privately or charge indoors or corridors. Try to charge in a safe charging place with short-circuit protection, automatic alarm and other functions.

Second, avoid overcharging. Avoid prolonged charging time, in principle, it should not exceed 10 hours.

Third, pay attention to check the battery status. It is recommended to go to a professional maintenance point for inspection every six months to a year. If the battery is found to be swollen or the wire is aging, it should be replaced in time.