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Liu Haoran will be engaged in bicycle design and development!

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right! You are not mistaken, this "Liu Haoran" who is going to be engaged in bicycle design and R&D is our youthful and lovely "Haoran brother".

From the "Song Song" in "Beijing Love Story" to "Yu Huai" in "The Best of Us"; from "Lv Guichen" in "The Mysterious Record of Jiuzhou" to the "Chinatown Detective" series "Qin Feng", the younger brother of Haoran, who was "designated" by the "China Film Report" as one of the "four new generations of acting school". In the 7 years since his debut, although not many characters have been portrayed, all of them are Classic, impressive.

Brother Haoran wants to engage in bicycle design and development, and this has to be talked about since he was a child. When Haoran's younger brother was very young, he fell in love with cycling. He was directly on two rounds from the beginning, and he had never used auxiliary wheels. "It took a few months to learn!" Brother Haoran, who has been persistent since he was a child, said with a relaxed expression on his face.

Liu Haoran will be engaged in bicycle design and development!

By now, brother Haoran has been a bicycle driver for more than ten years. He is a serious riding enthusiast. He has his own bike, often rides out to eat, and he also knows the relevant riding knowledge very well. Every time before going out, he would first check the road conditions. If there is a traffic jam, he chooses to ride a bicycle to catch the notice.

The reason why Liu Haoran chooses to ride a bicycle is because he feels that the characteristics of a bicycle fit well with his personality and lifestyle: green travel, environmental protection, physical fitness, and refreshing sunshine.

In the future, Liu Haoran will also focus on riding experience and product design. In other words, in the near future, we will be able to ride the bicycle designed by Haoran's brother!