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Another new trend stimulated by the epidemic? London will start trials of shared scooters next spring

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According to British media reports on Tuesday (November 17), the British local government is planning to change the alternative mode of urban transportation after the new crown epidemic. The e-scooter rental service will be trial run in London next spring.

Transport for London (TfL) is launching a one-year license bid for three electric scooter operators, which is considered a major breakthrough in one of the potential largest markets in Europe.

Although it is now possible to see people riding electric scooters on the streets of London, it is still illegal to ride private electric scooters in the UK so far.

The Financial Times analyzed that the new crown epidemic has caused a surge in local governments' interest in this type of transportation that is different from the past. They expect to allow electric scooters commonly found in European cities to drive on British streets in an attempt to minimize infection when using public transportation. The risk of virus.

Another new trend stimulated by the epidemic? London will start trials of shared scooters next spring

Michael Hurwitz, Director of Transport Innovation at TfL, said: “We are determined to ensure that London is as safe as possible and sustainably recover from the new crown epidemic.”

He added that the safety of electric scooters has always been the focus of criticism, so this year they will be closely monitored to determine whether they have a future in London's transportation network.

It is reported that the new crown epidemic prompted the United Kingdom to take swift action in June to "release" electric scooters on a trial basis for local authorities. Compared with some other regions, London is one step behind in this move. West Midlands, including Birmingham, has already begun trials. Multinational companies Bird, Lime, Tier and Voi and local competitors have all obtained the opportunity to finally win the business license for this project.

Fred Jones, general manager of the German operator Tier UK, said: “Tier is applying to participate in the test run in London. We think this will bring great benefits to London.” He pointed out that the carbon dioxide emissions of electric scooters are lower than that of cars, and Safety problems can be improved through safety helmets.