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Why do electric bicycle fires happen frequently?

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In recent years, electric bicycles have become a widely used means of transportation.

However, the seemingly inconspicuous electric bicycles have repeatedly caused fatal fires.

How to prevent electric bicycle fires in daily life?

The following tips must be kept in mind!

1. The cause of electric vehicle fire is very complicated. Its own circuit aging, battery short circuit, charger mismatch, and overcharging may all cause fire. Comparatively speaking, electric vehicle charging is the biggest risk point;

Why do electric bicycle fires happen frequently?

2. Electric bicycle batteries cannot be mixed. Inferior chargers and unmatched chargers are a fire hazard;

3. Unauthorized connection of temporary wires and "flying wires" from indoors to charge electric bicycles. The power cords are easily damaged and cause fires;

4. It should be charged in a regular charging place, not in stairwells, aisles or rooms, etc.;

5. Park electric vehicles in accordance with regulations, and shall not block fire-fighting passages and corridors.

The fire safety of electric bicycles is the responsibility of each of us. If there is any violation of regulations in daily life, please be sure to point out and correct it. Electric bicycle fires are more violent than "tigers". You must not ignore the details and safety. Fire safety starts with you and me!