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The charging of electric scooters caused an explosion. How to charge correctly?

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Recently, an online news about an explosion caused by charging an electric scooter is being hotly discussed. In just ten seconds, a new home was bombed into a crime scene! The lithium battery was purchased online, and the manufacturer is currently negotiating to pay 20,000 yuan. However, since the actual car has not been seen, it is uncertain whether the manufacturer is producing it. It needs to be verified one by one, but the victim's family is ready to go through judicial procedures to solve the problem.

In June, an electric scooter in motion suddenly exploded and caught fire! Fortunately, the cyclist responded quickly and fled quickly without causing any particularly serious casualties!
CCTV has also repeatedly exposed the explosion of electric scooters, reminding consumers to pay attention to them during use!

So, how should electric scooters be charged correctly?

The charging of electric scooters caused an explosion. How to charge correctly?

1. Unplug the plug immediately after charging. If smoke is found, unplug it immediately;

2. Don't just pull the cord to charge outdoors or at the entrance of the stairs. You must use a fixed socket. It is best to be able to charge one by one;

3. The charging time should not be too long, just 6-7 hours, which may cause short circuit and spark;

4. If a fire accident happens indoors, remember not to escape blindly, especially not to escape through the stairwell, because the stairwell is full of poisonous smoke. You can close the anti-theft doors and windows and wait for rescue indoors!

When non-standard electric scooters and unqualified electric scooters were rectified on a large scale in the market, the industry was wailing, thinking that the practice was improper, but when consumers were injured by one and another explosion accidents, how can I ask who should do it? Responsible, bad manufacturers, ignorant merchants, greedy heart, or disorderly industry rules?