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What electric bicycle is the best quality? The most cost-effective?

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Different brands have different advantages. I choose an electric bicycle mainly for the following aspects: safety, power, charging speed, weight, and price. Each model of the major brands focuses on 1-2 of them, and the current cost-effective ones have the following advantages:

1. Environmental protection

At present, most of the batteries of electric bicycles are lead-acid batteries. As you can find on the Internet, lead-acid batteries are too weak compared to lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Since the lithium iron phosphate material is clean and non-toxic throughout the production process, all raw materials are non-toxic and non-polluting. Lithium iron phosphate battery does not contain any heavy metals and rare metals, is safe, non-toxic and pollution-free, and is a green battery.

Therefore, lithium batteries are preferred.

2. Security

In recent years, electric bicycles have entered more and more households, and news of the explosion of electric bicycle charging is not uncommon. Many people worry that it is not safe to use electric bicycles. In fact, as products are upgraded, products with security risks will eventually be replaced.

Lithium batteries are resistant to high temperatures, do not explode or fire. The batteries have been subjected to extrusion and puncture tests. They will not catch fire and explode under extreme conditions, and are highly safe.

Life and health are above all else, buy an electric bicycle to choose high safety performance!

3. Use it for a long time

Buy a car and see how long it can last. For ordinary families, the longer it is used, the more cost-effective it is. I can’t use it before I bought it, right? I might as well save up to buy a car with this money, right?

Generally, the most important factor affecting the life is the battery. If I want to buy it, I must choose a durable battery.

Lithium iron phosphate battery is charged and discharged at room temperature at 1C, the capacity of the monomer is still greater than 80% after 2000 cycles, and the cycle life is generally up to 2000 times, or even more than 3,500 times. The energy storage market requires more than 4000-5000 times, guarantee 8 The service life of -10 years is higher than the cycle life of a ternary battery of more than 1,000 times, while the cycle life of a lead-acid battery is about 300 times. In contrast, the durability of lithium batteries wins my heart.

4. Run far

Battery capacity is also an issue. Just like a mobile phone battery, the larger your battery capacity, the longer it will take to charge a battery. However, there are other factors that affect the length of battery life. Although some electric bicycles have a large battery capacity, they can't stand the power consumption. It is finally fully charged, and it will be halfway after running for a few kilometers.

A battery life of 60km is considered qualified. If it can reach more than 85km, it is a leader in the battery industry. Nowadays, there are not many batteries on the market that can achieve a battery life of more than 85km. Some big brands you can see have models with this battery life, but they are expensive and do not meet my needs for choosing a cost-effective electric bicycle.

What electric bicycle is the best quality? The most cost-effective?

5. Strong power

At present, there are many scenes of using electric bicycles in my hometown, especially because in the mountainous areas, the requirements on the power system are relatively high, otherwise the climbing is difficult. Lithium battery has high power output, strong power system, no pressure on mountain climbing.

6. Fast charging

In addition to the above points, I also want to charge faster. After all, the scooter is used more frequently and it is more convenient and convenient. I don't want to charge it for half a day. I want to use it for a long time.

The electric bicycle is equipped with a high-efficiency charger, just like the fast charging of the current mobile phone.


Everyone's requirements for size and weight are different, so I won't say more, I like the light ones, just in case the battery runs out, I can easily push it home.


When it comes to high performance-price ratio, it is necessary to talk about money. If you want money to be worthwhile, you have to shop around. How do you compare?

Look at the configuration: Under the same configuration, which one is cheaper to choose.

For example, if it is equipped with the same lithium battery, if the voltage and capacity are the same, choose the cheaper one; for example, for the same voltage, capacity, lithium battery and lead-acid battery electric bicycle, choose the lithium battery if the price is not much different. Yes, after all, the overall strength of lithium batteries is greater than that of lead-acid batteries.

If there is an electric bicycle, the price of the lithium battery version and the lead-acid version is the same or slightly lower, which is 30% cheaper than the same type of lithium battery. First-line configuration, third-line price, no increase in volume, very cost-effective, is this kind of car not fragrant?