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Illegal use of electric scooters can be fined up to £300 and a fine of 6 points

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Riders of electric scooters may be fined £300, and a maximum of 6 points for a driving license that violates the regulations established under the new test plan.

By 2020, the sales of electric scooters have soared more than ever before, however, experts from insurance specialist Quotezone warned that using new tools on the road could lead to major consequences.

Electric scooters are considered electric vehicles and are a type of personal light electric vehicle (PLEV). This means that drivers are not allowed to use them on public roads or sidewalks, as this would violate highway laws.

Electric scooters are currently being tested in many cities, but roads are only allowed to use certified tools on predetermined routes. Quotezone revealed that when the law changes to allow electric scooters to use the road, the vehicle may need to be registered. This means that taxes, insurance, and services will be applied to the will every year, just like cars and other vehicles.

Illegal use of electric scooters can be fined up to £300 and a fine of 6 points

Quotezone spokesperson Greg Wilson hopes that by violating the rules and earning 6 points on the license plate, insurance premiums will rise sharply. He revealed that because policyholders are considered to have higher road risks, costs may rise by as much as 25%.

Mr. Wilson said: “For those who want to invest in electric scooters this Christmas, you need to realize that you cannot use electric scooters in public places unless you pass a rental program.” Therefore, it is wise to be cautious and take Proper safety precautions, and only insist on riding in designated areas or in private places. "

Halfords claims that sales of electric scooters can grow by 30% every year because they provide a cheap, green way to travel. Scooters also allow special distances and provide an alternative method of using public transportation during the pandemic.

If organizations such as "London Cycling" succeed in appealing to the public, it is expected to achieve further growth in sales. The movement also promotes allowing electric scooters to enter bike lanes to ensure that they stay away from the road.