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Convenience ≠ casual! How to improve the random parking of shared electric bicycles?

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Convenient, fast and easy to ride, sharing electric bicycles has become the first choice for many citizens to travel around. But in addition to bringing convenience, it has also spawned a lot of urban chaos. What about the use of shared electric bicycles?

Convenient travel has become a trend

Whether at the door of large or small shops or beside the bus station, you can see shared electric bicycles everywhere. Citizens only need to scan the code to get on the bike and ride, which is convenient and fast, and the advantages of riding on the go make sharing electric bicycles a major choice for citizens to travel.

In addition to daily travel, shared electric bicycles are also popular among tourists in major scenic spots this year. You can often see three or five young people riding shared electric bicycles in the scenic spots.

Disorderly parking

Convenience ≠ casual! How to improve the random parking of shared electric bicycles?

As a large number of shared electric bicycles are put into use, the originally convenient shared electric bicycles have become a "blocker" that affects order. Some citizens will also park shared electric bicycles on the sidewalk near the station, affecting pedestrian traffic. In addition to sidewalks, public parking spaces for motor vehicles are not "escaped."

These disorderly parking not only affect the normal travel of others, but also are not conducive to shaping the image of urban civilization.

Standardized management needs to be strengthened

Sharing electric bicycles brings some convenience to citizens' travel, but it lacks orderly management. Even if the complaints of the citizens can be resolved in time, the symptoms will not be solved after all, and the problem of random parking cannot be solved from the root cause.

After summarizing the complaints about shared electric bicycles, we found that citizens hope that the relevant departments will regulate the use and operation of shared electric bicycles and solve the parking disorder from the root cause.

Sharing electric bicycles not only requires the management of relevant departments, but citizens should also consciously abide by the traffic rules during use, and have the concept of civilized travel.