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Is it better to charge an electric bicycle every day, or is it better to charge after the battery runs out?

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According to the data previously released by China's Traffic Management Bureau, the number of motor vehicles in China has reached 365 million, of which automobiles account for the majority, which has exceeded 270 million. This data shows that the living standards of the Chinese people have been significantly improved, and more and more people are willing to choose to buy private cars to travel. Although the total amount of private cars in our country continues to rise, considering that there is a certain gap between the rich and the poor in our society, the price of cars as a more luxurious daily necessities is not cheap, so there are still many people who do not buy private cars. In the Chinese market, the price of electric vehicles is usually less than 10,000 yuan, and electric vehicles will not be affected in the slightest when private vehicles are difficult to move due to traffic jams. Therefore, in addition to choosing public transportation to travel, this group of people also set their sights on electric vehicles.

As can be seen from the name, electric vehicles are driven by electricity, so the core component must be the battery. As a component that provides a power source for electric bicycles, batteries have limited power storage, so users will face the problem of charging battery cars. Is it better to charge the electric car every day, or to charge it after it is used up? Let's discuss this issue below.

Friends who have doubts about the charging frequency of electric vehicles, the mileage of using battery vehicles every day must be very limited, because those who drive a long distance, if the electricity consumption is large, daily charging is inevitable. Therefore, the frequency of charging should be combined with the user's usage. If the daily power consumption exceeds half of the battery, then it must be charged every day, otherwise you will probably encounter a half-circuit situation the next day.

Is it better to charge an electric bicycle every day, or is it better to charge after the battery runs out?

All in all, the first criterion for determining the charging frequency is how much electricity you will use every day. If the frequency of using an electric vehicle is very low, then you have to consider which type of battery the battery uses, because frequent charging is not good for the battery, it will damage the battery over time, and finally there will be a loss of electricity, which will affect its service life. .

From the perspective of the materials used in the battery, the batteries of the battery car mainly include lead-acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. The former relies on sulfuric acid to store electricity. If it is left in a dead state for a long time, the electrolyte of the lead-acid battery will deteriorate. When the car owner remembers to use the battery car, he will find that the battery car can no longer store electricity.

The second type of nickel-metal hydride battery, this battery uses potassium hydroxide solution as the electrolyte, and its performance is better than that of lead-acid battery batteries, so the battery cars using nickel-metal hydride batteries are also more expensive. This kind of battery car is usually recharged after the battery is used up, and if the battery car is to be left for a period of time, it is best to fully charge it before storing.

How about it. After reading this, do you know how to charge an electric bicycle? If you have something wrong, you should correct it immediately, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the battery and reduce the service life of the battery. As for those friends who use more than half of the electricity every day, they must charge it every day to avoid causing trouble to themselves.