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Do you know the most lossy riding style of electric motorcycles?

pxid 2021-10-18 41 times

Two identical electric motorcycles are ridden by different people, and the service life is different, which is related to the riding style of the user. The correct way of riding is conducive to the extension of the service life, and the wrong way of riding may cause the battery to break all at once. Which riding methods hurt the life of electric motorcycles the most? Today, the editor of PXID electric motorcycle design company will tell you.

Overload driving. For convenience, many users will load a lot of things on the electric motorcycle, or carry 2-3 people, and the situation of overloading will occur, which will cause the battery power consumption to increase rapidly. Overload driving is extremely detrimental to the battery, so avoid overloading.

Do you know the most lossy riding style of electric motorcycles?

Ride with low battery. Many users like to use up all the electricity before recharging, and they often continue to ride under low battery conditions, which will cause excessive consumption. The SOC intelligent endurance system developed by Luyuan can achieve real-time display accuracy of more than 95%, and can also achieve low battery endurance protection. When the remaining battery power of the vehicle shows 0%, you can ride for another 2 kilometers. The driving distance of 2 kilometers allows us to find the charging point, which is indeed very convenient, and it is also a kind of protection for the battery.

Modified electric motorcycles. In order to increase the riding speed, many friends make modifications and increase the power of the motor. In the short term, the speed is increased, but the accessories do not match, and the long-term use will affect the life, so try not to modify it.

The above is the advice given by the editor of PXID electric motorcycle design company to everyone. In daily driving, try to ride at a constant speed, don't brake or accelerate, and then maintain the parts in time to ensure the maximum service life.