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Does not turn the light on charging? Always red light?

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The electric bicycle does not turn on the light when charging? The red light is on? What's the matter?

Recently, a small partner complained that his electric bicycle was just bought a few days ago, but found that the red light of the charger was always on when charging, and I don't know what went wrong. Next, the editor will help him analyze how to solve this kind of problem.

There is a problem with the battery

The electrical indicator light is always red and cannot work normally. The battery may have the following problems: First, the battery has too much acid and the internal circulation is not smooth, causing thermal runaway. Secondly, the amount of acid stored in the battery is insufficient, and the battery loses water seriously. Third, the internal short circuit of the battery causes the charging voltage of the battery terminal to fail to reach the limit voltage value. Finally, one of the small cells of the battery pack was short-circuited. The user needs to go to the official battery after-sales service to test the battery, and replace the battery after determining the cause.

There is a problem with the charger

The indicator light keeps red, or there may be a problem with the charger. First of all, the internal power supply is short-circuited, causing it to fail to charge. Secondly, due to the special reasons of the charger itself, the drift of the charger parameters can not reach the current value of the turning light. Finally, the charger model is wrong, the parameter setting and the battery do not match, etc.

Does not turn the light on charging? Always red light?

So how should I judge whether it is a battery problem or a charger problem?

Whether the battery case is hot to touch with your hands

It is normal to generate heat when the battery is charging, but it will not be hot to your hands. If the battery case feels hot to the touch, it can be judged that the battery has a thermal runaway problem. When this kind of problem occurs, firstly, it depends on whether the charger meets the standard. Secondly, it is necessary to observe whether the charging environment meets the requirements of dryness, ventilation and constant temperature.

Replace the charger test

Charge the battery by replacing the charger with the same specification, and observe whether the indicator light changes. If it is still red, there is probably a problem with the battery. If the indicator light turns green, then there is a problem with your own charger.

Measure battery voltage

You can use a universal meter to measure the total voltage and the voltage of a single battery. The batteries we use for electric bicycles are generally a single 12V, a battery with good performance is fully charged, and a single battery can reach about 13.30V after being stationary. If the voltage value is too low, the battery may have quality problems, and further testing is needed to determine the specific cause. If there is no problem with the battery voltage, it can be determined that there is a problem with the charger.

Tips, if the measured battery voltage is obviously too low, it is recommended to replace the entire set of batteries. Do not mix batteries of different brands, new and old batteries. You can also directly find after-sales or maintenance outlets for troubleshooting.