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During the ride, the battery charge is less than 10%. At this time, you will…

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During the ride, the battery charge is less than 10%. At this time, you will...

Electric bicycles are both convenient and green, and the most troublesome problem for users is that the battery is in a hurry while riding.

When the battery capacity is insufficient, you can't ride, run short, and push and tire, and it's really anxious and helpless. When encountering these headaches, the editor will first teach you some power saving tips.

1. Keep driving at a constant speed and do not brake too quickly

Do not blindly pursue speed when riding, you should drive at a constant speed, try to avoid frequent braking and starting, and the most power is saved when the speed remains the same.

During the ride, the battery charge is less than 10%. At this time, you will...

2. If there is a pedal function, use a pedal to help

Appropriate use of the power-assisted function of electric vehicles, especially in complex environments such as up and downhill, can save a lot of power, while at the same time protecting the motor and prolonging the service life of the battery.

3. Don’t overload, don’t lose power, and don’t lose energy

The biggest killer of power consumption is overloading. The heavier the electric vehicle, the more power it consumes. Therefore, the load range of electric bicycles must be reasonable; the second biggest killer of power consumption is driving at a loss. Electricity, and the battery will be extremely damaged after a deep discharge; the third biggest culprit of electricity consumption is the lack of air in the tires. Before driving, you must fully inflate, otherwise it will consume electricity.

Someone joked that during the ride, the battery was really out of power. These power saving tips didn't work, and the words were not rough.

These tips can only regulate your and my riding habits from the surface, but don’t worry, I haven’t told you yet. If you want to fundamentally solve the problem that electric cars can’t run far? It’s easy to run out of power? The core is the battery! Electric cars want to run. What you need is a good battery with large capacity and long battery life.