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The 5 “bad habits” of electric bicycle charging are not only harmful to the car, but also dangerous!

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As a very convenient short-distance transportation tool, electric vehicles have the advantages of being economical and easy to learn, but at the same time they have the disadvantages of poor battery life and frequent charging. If they are not charged in time, there is no electricity in the middle of the journey. Calling the land is not effective. Therefore, charging has become the most important part of the daily use of electric vehicles. However, many people have "bad habits" in charging. Let the owner tell it.

1. Pull the cable to charge

With the promulgation of regulations prohibiting electric bicycles from going upstairs, many car owners have used another trick to pull the wires directly downstairs to charge electric vehicles. This behavior is strictly prohibited by relevant departments. Severe punishment.

Because the cable is charged, the cable and the power strip are exposed outdoors. After the wind and sun, the aging problem of the line will cause very serious consequences and very dangerous short distances.

2. Charge immediately after riding

Owners of this habit must put an end to it, because after riding an electric car, the battery itself generates a lot of heat during driving. If it is charged immediately, the battery will lose water, which will shorten the battery life.

3. Charge the electric car when it is used up

The 5 "bad habits" of electric bicycle charging are not only harmful to the car, but also dangerous!

Many car owners, as long as the electric car is over, will charge it at will. This behavior is also undesirable. The number of charging and discharging of the battery is limited. Frequent manual charging will shorten the battery life.

However, electric bicycles are not charged until they run out of energy. This will cause electric vehicles to lose power and cause damage. The correct charging method should be to charge when there are 20% to 30% remaining power in the battery.

4. Use fast charging equipment to charge

Nowadays, there are fast charging stations in the streets and alleys, which seem to facilitate the charging problems of the majority of car owners, but in fact, if the electric vehicles frequently use fast charging, it will cause the battery to lose water or even bulge. Of course, if it is an occasional emergency Use it, there will be no impact.

5. Use a mismatched charger

Many users have multiple electric vehicles at home, and there will be several chargers. When charging the electric vehicles, they can use one at hand. However, if the electric vehicles are mixed with unmatched chargers, it is likely to cause spontaneous combustion safety hazards. The charger must be dedicated to the car, preferably the original charger, if the original one is damaged, you should go to a professional store to buy a matching charger.

The core component of an electric vehicle is the battery, and the length of time the battery is used is not only related to the brand and quality of the battery, but also directly related to the charging method. The battery lasts longer.