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There are three kinds of lithium batteries for lithium electric scooters? what differences are there?

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Everyone knows that there are two types of electric vehicle batteries: lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. But did you know that there are also three different types of lithium batteries for electric scooters! These three kinds of lithium batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today, I will explain the differences between these three kinds of lithium batteries in detail!

Lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, and lithium manganate actually refer to the cathode materials of lithium-ion batteries.

The main advantage of lithium manganate is that it is relatively safe, cheap and reasonable. The disadvantage is that the cycle life is not as long as ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate, and the high temperature resistance is poor. When the battery is exposed to high temperature, it is easy to decay and decompose, and trivalent manganese becomes divalent manganese.

There are three kinds of lithium batteries for lithium electric scooters? what differences are there?

The advantages of ternary lithium are that it is easy to manufacture in batches and has a high energy density, that is, the energy contained in a unit volume or unit weight is relatively high. The disadvantage is that the security is unstable, the activity is high, and the stability is poor.

The advantage of lithium iron phosphate is that a single-cell lithium iron phosphate has a long life, the number of cycles can reach 3,000, and the safety is also good. The disadvantage is that when the capacity difference is made into a battery pack, matching is relatively difficult, the material or process stability is not enough, and its low temperature characteristics are poor.

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