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Will “intelligence” be the future of two-wheeled electric vehicles?

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Traveling with electric vehicles has become a daily life for many people. China has changed from a “bike power” to a veritable “electric bicycle power”.

Data from authoritative organizations proves this conclusion. At the "2019 China Bicycle Industry Conference" held at the end of last year, the China Bicycle Association revealed that China has nearly 300 million electric bicycles, ranking first in the world.

It is equivalent to that in China today, on average, every 5 people own an electric bicycle. The China Bicycle Association predicts that by 2050, the number of electric bicycles in China will reach 400 million.

Ten years ago, this number was 120 million vehicles. In ten years, it has more than doubled.

While the market is rapidly expanding, the problem is also obvious.

On the one hand, in the past ten years, electric bicycles have been rapidly popularized in China, and the number has skyrocketed, which has greatly facilitated people’s lives and travel; but on the other hand, in the past quite a long period of time, China’s two-wheeled electric bicycles No matter in terms of form, technology or product innovation, there is not much achievement.

However, in recent years, with the rapid rise of emerging two-wheeled electric vehicle brands such as Mavericks, the domestic two-wheeled electric vehicle industry has quickly set off a wave of innovation.

They use technology and intelligence as their main breakthroughs, try to break the traditional Chinese two-wheeled electric vehicle industry ecology, and through the intelligentization, rebuild the new core competitiveness of China's two-wheeled electric vehicle industry.

After the explosive growth, the development of China's electric bicycles encounters technological innovation bottlenecks

The development of electric bicycles in world history can be traced back to the 19th century.

In the 1880s, Frenchman Gustave Truff successfully transformed an electric tricycle, and he became the world's recognized inventor of the first electric car.

But the electric bicycle really began to enter the application stage, but in 1992, more than a hundred years later. This year, the world's first electric bicycle "Zike" that was successfully launched was officially launched.

In the second year, the world's first crank-driven "electric bicycle" came out. The new species of electric bicycle began to enter the lives of ordinary people and quickly spread.

This kind of light-weight, battery-assisted electric bicycle quickly attracted the interest of Chinese people. In 1995, Tsinghua University developed China's first light electric vehicle.

After that, it was out of control. However, according to relevant research, it can be found that the development of electric bicycles in China can be roughly divided into the following three stages:

1. Primary stage: During this period, the four major components of electric bicycles: motor, battery, charger and controller have been explored and studied.

2. Production scale stage: At this stage, due to the extremely strong demand, a large number of well-known electric bicycle manufacturers have emerged in China. It is under their promotion that China's electric bicycle development has entered a period of large-scale development.

3. Speeding development stage: This is also the period that China's electric bicycle industry is currently going through.

During this period, due to the continuous outbreak of the market and the rapid increase of electric bicycle manufacturers, China’s electric bicycle market competition has intensified unprecedentedly. Major manufacturers have begun to promote China’s electric bicycles from multiple dimensions such as battery cruising range and motor service life. Continuous innovation of technology.

But the shortcomings still exist. Among them, the more obvious is that due to the bottleneck of battery technology, in order to increase the battery life as much as possible, many manufacturers can only increase the battery capacity to improve the endurance of electric bicycles, but what follows is the size of electric bicycles. And the weight also increases. In addition, the speed of electric bicycles is getting faster and faster, and the accident rate of electric bicycles is also getting higher and higher.

Will "intelligence" be the future of two-wheeled electric vehicles?

At the same time, from the national level to all regions, the supervision of electric bicycles has become more stringent. Due to the constraints of internal and external environments, in recent years, electric bicycles have been unable to make breakthroughs in technological innovation, and the electric bicycle industry has also begun to appear inflection points.

The problem of supply and demand is becoming more and more serious, and the reshuffle of China's electric bicycle industry is surging

Overcapacity and sluggish demand are the two most notable features of the current domestic electric bicycle industry. in particular:

On the one hand, the number of domestic electric bicycle companies has blown out, and production capacity has expanded rapidly. Statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that from January to October 2019, the output of electric bicycles in my country reached 22.738 million, a year-on-year increase of 19.9%.

Changes in the output of electric bicycles in recent years

Correspondingly, from January to October 2019, electric bicycles achieved operating income of 60.23 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.6%, and realized a total profit of 2.34 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.2%.

The increase in revenue and profit is less than the increase in production. Behind the rapid outbreak of production is the serious overcapacity of the domestic electric bicycle industry.

On the other hand, under the background of the possession of 300 million electric bicycles, the market demand for electric bicycles has begun to show a sluggish situation.

According to data from the China Bicycle Association, it took 10 years for the number of electric bicycles in China to increase from 120 million to 300 million. According to the estimates of the China Bicycle Association, the number of electric bicycles in China has increased from 300 million today to 4 100 million vehicles will be increased by 100 million vehicles in 30 years by 2050.

The explosion of the past ten years has ceased to exist. The ceiling of electric bicycle demand is within reach.

A reality that cannot be ignored is that although the domestic electric bicycle industry has formed an industrial agglomeration belt centered on the four major regions of Tianjin, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong, the number of electric bicycle companies and their production capacity are extremely large, but the number of leading companies is seriously insufficient. Did not form a strong brand.

According to the "2018-2023 China Electric Vehicle Industry Market Demand Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute, there are currently more than 1,000 electric bicycle manufacturers in China, but more than 1 million enterprises have produced and sold electric bicycles. No more than 5 companies.

Will "intelligence" be the future of two-wheeled electric vehicles?

The loss of the head core brand has obvious consequences:

First of all, with the absence of strong brands, weak brands will conquer the consumer market and consumers' minds, causing a large number of electric bicycle products with low brand awareness and poor brand service capabilities to flood the market.

Secondly, the market appeal of leading companies is weak, and the application and popularization of the latest innovative technologies will encounter market indifference. Without the innovation leadership of leading companies, the update and iteration speed of the entire electric bicycle market will slow down, resulting in a stagnant user experience.

In this process, in order to compete for the market, since 2015, many small and medium-sized manufacturers have begun to fight a "price war". Under the catalysis of the "price war", many low-quality and low-cost products have become popular, but this unconventional method is unsustainable under the normal market economy environment.

The "price war" is like a double-edged sword. Under the influence of the price war, those small and medium-sized production enterprises with weak technical strength, weak brand strength, and poor market adaptability are under the adjustment of this round of price wars. Began to withdraw from the market.

A vigorous reshuffle was started and continued to advance.

Betting on technology and intelligence, how big is the imagination of electric bicycles in the future?

Compared with other traditional industries, the development history of electric bicycles in China is actually not very long. However, among many traditional manufacturing companies, the degree of Internetization in the domestic electric bicycle industry is not high.

In such a relatively stable industry ecology, it is not easy to achieve the industry upgrade, product upgrade and service upgrade of China's electric bicycles with the help of internal forces.

When the east wind of Internet + wrinkled the spring water in the traditional electric bicycle industry, when the first-line capital began to nugget traditional manufacturing, when the Internet people began to reshape the traditional mode of travel through technological innovation, it was a matter of the future of the electric bicycle industry. Changes in development are imperative.

Emerging creative companies represented by Niu Dian Technology, with Internet technology innovation in their left hand and first-line Internet capital in their right, have become a "catfish" in the traditional electric bicycle manufacturing industry, driving the transformation and upgrading of the traditional electric bicycle industry.

Under their impetus, some large or small, deep or shallow changes began to emerge in China's electric bicycle industry, the most notable of which is undoubtedly the intelligent trend of electric bicycles. This has also become the biggest variable in the development of the electric bicycle industry in the future.

The intelligentization of electric bicycles will become the future trend

At present, there are two important breakthroughs in the intelligent transformation of electric bicycles:

1. Human-vehicle interaction: In the past, electric bicycles existed purely as a travel tool. The intelligent upgrade of human-machine interconnection will cause profound changes in the human-computer interaction experience of electric bicycles: electric bicycles are no longer just It is a car, but a partner when people travel, a helper in travel life, and it has become a travel lifestyle that can meet the needs of socialization.

2. Autonomous driving: Autonomous driving is the hottest topic at the moment, but it currently only exists in four-wheeled vehicles. People have a realistic demand for the automatic driving function of electric bicycles, and the revolutionary changes of electric bicycles in the future may be the arrival of the era of automatic driving.

See the future from the current trend.

When the more Internet-based genes of technology, innovation, and design give life to traditional electric bicycles, the future electric bicycles, and the future travel life, what surprises will give us, it is imaginable.