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New York asks suppliers of shared electric scooters to participate in bidding

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New York City is one of the most sought-after markets for shared services by micro-transportation providers in the world. This week began the scene of providers applying to run their micro-transport services in cities.

New York City is asking other service providers to provide all information about electric scooter sharing in order to participate in the tender.

New York City also requires other service providers to submit so-called "RFEIs." RFEI stands for "Request for Expression of Interest" and calls for expression of interest. The city government is targeting companies that want to provide so-called additional services for electric scooters.

These organizations include both hardware providers, such as manufacturers of charging stations or permanently installed parking systems, and IT service providers who want to use their mobile platforms, data analysis systems, etc. in New York City. Another important factor: New York City wants to provide safe driving training courses so that there will be no problems that electric scooter-sharing provider Revel has recently encountered with its shared customers in New York. After several deaths, Revel had to stay in the Hudson Metropolis for a few weeks and expand the scope of its services by providing training courses for its users.

New York asks suppliers of shared electric scooters to participate in bidding

What's so special about this kind of mini car tender in New York City

Among the e-scooter sharing providers, you will find a Who's Who of Global Providers. Now, almost all large electric scooter companies (such as American Bird, Lime and Spin) or European providers (such as Voi) will apply for a license. The process of bidding for electric scooter providers is similar to that of major cities in the world. The key is to persuade city leaders to believe that safety, price, availability, and ultimately cooperation in data evaluation can be guaranteed.

We hope to get approval from the electric scooter sharing provider in New York City through fierce competition. In the United States, operations in cities such as Big Apple are considered to be very prestigious, which is equivalent to winning a license in London or Paris in Europe. In the fall, we reported in detail the Paris shared license granted to three providers, TIER, Dott and Lime.

However, it is also important to implement the overall concept of electric scooters in New York City. Provide users with training, parking spaces, charging stations and extended safety protection concepts: so far, the city has been doing normal during the bidding process, stay focused.