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For urban commuting, 20 kilometers one way to and from get off work, what suitable scooter is recommended?

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If you are not in the first-tier cities, the one-way distance of 20 kilometers is relatively far. Compared with specific electric bike recommendations, the editor would like to remind you to pay attention to the following factors when choosing an electric bike. They will directly determine your mood and efficiency during the commute.

Determine the type of electric vehicle purchased

Under the new national standard, two-wheel electric vehicles allowed on the road include electric bicycles, electric mopeds and electric motorcycles. Among them, electric bicycles are generally equipped with 48V/12A-20A batteries, with an average cruising range of 30-50km, which is only enough for you to go back and forth in a single day. With the natural decline of subsequent battery performance, even one back and forth cannot be held. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an electric motorcycle with a larger battery capacity and a longer battery life. Electric motorcycles are generally equipped with 60V/20A-35A or 72V/20A-35A batteries, and the average cruising range is 60-100km.

How to choose an electric motorcycle?

For urban commuting, 20 kilometers one way to and from get off work, what suitable scooter is recommended?

After determining the choice of electric motorcycles, what you need to understand is that electric motorcycles are divided into electric motorcycles and electric mopeds. There are obvious differences in the licensing management regulations of these two vehicles under the new national standard. Among them, electric motorcycles need to be yellow cards, and they need to purchase compulsory insurance and F license driving license. Although electric mopeds theoretically need to purchase compulsory insurance and hold a relevant driving license to be licensed, the management of electric mopeds in most areas is still relatively user-friendly, and there will be a policy buffer period of 2-3 years. Therefore, from a policy perspective, it is recommended to choose electric light motorcycles first. Of course, it is best to consult the local traffic control department before buying to understand the rules. In addition, it needs to be reminded: In principle, electric light motorcycles are not allowed to carry people, and helmets must be worn during riding, and safety awareness must be kept in mind!

What is the minimum endurance value of the electric light motorcycle?

After clarifying the above two points, then focus on talking about electric light motorcycles. Let's talk about the battery life first. The average battery life of the electric light motorcycle mentioned above is 60-100km, but the normal range is about 70km. Considering that you are 20km one way, it is 40km to and fro every day. If you choose an ordinary model with a battery life of only 70km, it means that you can only ride for a day and a half at a time, and you must charge it in time after riding to work the next day, otherwise it is likely to be left halfway. In addition, the battery life of the electric vehicle must also consider factors such as the load, weather, and road conditions on the day. Therefore, it is believed that it is safer to choose an electric light motorcycle with a battery life of at least 100km. The battery life is not a problem for 2 days, if you are lucky, you can still ride for 3 days.

In addition to battery life, also consider comfort

Long-term riding not only tests the endurance of electric light motorcycles, but also tests the physical strength of the riders. In order to reduce fatigue during commuting, it is recommended that you consider the body design, body height, leg space, handle grip comfort, seat cushion length and softness and other factors to measure the riding comfort of the target model.