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PXID helps your green and efficient travel

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"Clothing, food, housing and transportation" are the basic daily needs of ordinary people, and directly determine the happiness of the people's basic life. In terms of “travel”, with the continuous development of social economy and science and technology, people have more and more choices of travel modes. However, for short-distance travel in cities, private cars have problems of road congestion and unfriendly environment. Public transportation In order to solve this problem, electric bicycles have gradually come into people's field of vision, and have gradually become the best solution for short-distance and rapid travel in cities.

Data show that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR, Compound Annual Growth Rate) of my country's electric bicycle market from 2010 to 2017 was 15.48%. After reaching 30 million units in 2015, the production and sales of electric bicycles have basically remained at around 30 million units in the past few years, and the electric bicycle market has entered a mature period from the growth period. Under the pressure of severe market competition, PXID electric bicycle design company, with product quality as the starting point, focuses on independent R&D and innovation, and makes in-depth explorations in upstream and downstream supply chain management, manufacturing process quality, product function improvement, and post-sales. Gradually established brand awareness and product credibility, it has become one of the leaders in my country's electric bicycle design industry and is well received by consumers.

PXID helps your green and efficient travel

PXID electric bicycle design company has never forgotten its original intention, that is, the enterprise development concept of "innovative technology, ingenuity and quality". It takes consumer satisfaction with the product as its development and manufacturing work orientation, and continuously upgrades its product capabilities. In terms of basic performance, electric vehicles have strong climbing ability and cruising range, allowing consumers to have no fear of the complex road environment and charging point settings in the city. In terms of improved functions, the use of sine wave controllers, one-key start, intelligent remote control, real-time vehicle positioning, vehicle trajectory tracking and other functions provide consumers with a convenient and advanced travel experience. In terms of use guarantee, we have a rich product range, fully consider the individual needs of different consumers in terms of appearance design, functional equipment, etc., and strictly control product quality. The failure repair rate in the market is maintained at a low level throughout the year, allowing consumption People can use it with peace of mind. On the other hand, PXID has established a complete after-sales service system that can respond to consumers’ related needs in a timely manner.

In the context of the gradual green transformation of the country’s economic development, there is a contradiction between the rapid urban travel needs of the masses, and the technological advancement and product quality improvement of electric bicycles have become a powerful tool to help people travel environmentally and efficiently. PXID keeps up with the pace of the market, takes consumer demand as the product development and manufacturing orientation, continuously improves its own hard power, uses brand and quality as the key means of marketing, and has become a core force that cannot be ignored in my country's electric bicycle market.