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British electric scooters will install noise devices and set alarms

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Electric scooters will be equipped with noise devices to remind pedestrians of their existence and reduce the risk of sidewalk and crosswalk accidents.

According to reports, Tier Mobility, which operates electric scooters in New York and 80 cities around the world, will add the alert to its products next year. These audible alarms will be installed on electric scooters for the first time.

It is believed that all other British electric scooter operators will install noise equipment.

The silent electric scooter has a speed limit of 15.5 mph, but it can only be used on roads at 30 mph in the designated test area.

British electric scooters will install noise devices and set alarms

Anyone who uses hired electric scooters outside of any test area may be fined.

Electric scooters were legalized in July this year, providing people with more transportation options during the first blockade when public transportation capacity was reduced.

This action will include alarms, and the sound of the alarms will be informed by research led by the Thomas Pocklington Trust, a charity for the blind and low-vision people.

It will look at the design of the alerts and help determine when they should be used. The sound of the alarm may be electronically generated engine noise or constant pulses. It must be unique enough to mark the oncoming vehicle as an electric scooter.