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What issues need to be considered when designing an appearance?

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People's first impression of a product comes from the comprehensive appearance of the product itself-product appearance, color matching, exquisite surface technology, and designer's ingenious ideas. Product appearance design needs to conform to the values ​​of contemporary society and people's market aesthetic requirements. Such product appearance design can stimulate consumers' imagination and make consumers have a strong desire to buy. So, what are the issues that scooter design companies need to consider when doing creative design of product appearance?

1. Material selection

When designing the appearance, it is necessary to comprehensively consider how to select design materials, the processing technology of the materials, the application of molding technology, the visual performance of the product, whether the product can meet the function of the product in various environments and achieve the design purpose, etc.

2. The combination of colors

What issues need to be considered when designing an appearance?

The role of color in appearance design is mainly to protect the material and the decoration of the product shape. This not only beautifies the appearance of the product, but also beautifies the user's psychology. Therefore, when designing the appearance of the product, it is necessary to adopt a flexible and diverse color combination design to make the user There are more choices for a product, thereby increasing the product's market competitiveness.

3. The design of the form

The core of the product design is the product's beauty design. After systematic market research and analysis, the positioning of the product must be determined. It has a certain sense of innovation and volume, so that users can feel the high level of the product the moment they get the product. Cost-effective, while also emphasizing product stability and overall aesthetics in the design.

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