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How to buy children’s scooters?

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Scooter is now one of the indispensable toys for children. Whether it is boys or girls, scooters have become the first choice for outdoor sports. There are too many types of scooters on the market, how to buy them? What brand of scooter is good?

Micro Maigu children's scooter

As an internationally well-known brand, Micro has an experience in making scooters that ordinary manufacturers cannot match. Its mini luxury scooter design has won many international awards, and it is also popular abroad, and many INS bloggers are also highly recommended. Therefore, Micro scooter is designed for children's use. In terms of appearance, Micro invites many mothers and children from the world to participate in the color matching design. The color matching design is more eye-catching and dazzling. The pedal is made of glass fiber. After tens of thousands of tests, the pedal has not been deformed or broken, and its good quality can withstand the test. The wheels are carefully selected with precision bearings to make the sliding faster. The wheels are also equipped with LED cool flashes, no need to recharge, more peace of mind when traveling at night. There are no sharp points on the top and bottom of the body, anti-collision and anti-scratch design, rounded corners, and caring for children. On the handlebar, Micro has designed a limit of no stuck points, which is much more intimate than other manufacturers, so that children can always find the height that suits them. All these details reflect Micro's craftsmanship and quality.

Cougar children's scooter

As a well-known brand of children's sports series, Cougar is diverse and fashionable in product appearance and style, so these points are also reflected in the design of children's scooters. In terms of convenience, the Cougar has designed a split fold, and the rod can be detached and foldable to meet various daily travel and fun scenes. At the same time, the slot is deepened to make the rod and pedal connect very firmly. Colorful lights are designed on the tires, and the gliding streamer fluctuates at night to promote children's interest in sports and play. In terms of shock-absorbing steering, the built-in shock-absorbing steering prevents children from rolling over when sliding.

How to buy children's scooters?

Disney children's scooter

Disney is very popular in the eyes of children, so the designer of this scooter is cleverly matched with Disney cartoon elements. The Disney scooter adopts a multi-purpose model. In terms of design, the seat can be foldable and detachable. After disassembly, it can be transformed into a real scooter. In terms of carrying, it is even more folding and installation-free. In the face of child safety issues, Disney designed a triangular stabilization plus gravity steering system to better protect children's safety. The anti-skid pu wheels are used on the tires to smoothly pass on various roads, safe and stable, and can help children maintain their balance.

Kuqi children's scooter

The design of Kuqi children's scooter is also unique. It adopts the two-and-one mode of riding and sliding, so in terms of positioning, it is suitable for babies who are still toddlers. Therefore, the appearance design is also younger. Its body also uses the gravity steering used by other manufacturers, which can intelligently turn and prevent sideslip. The tires also use the more common pu wear-resistant silent wheels, allowing children to play at home. However, because the positioning is only suitable for babies who are just beginning to walk, it may be a little unfriendly to older children. In the selection, I also hope to see it according to my actual situation.

Decathlon children's scooter

Decathlon is also a well-known sliding sports brand, and its scooters are also relatively good in use. In the tire design, the wheels also use the more popular flashing LED lights on the market, and the steering system is also a more common 10-degree wheel inclination to reduce the risk of imbalance. So from an overall point of view, its products do not have many features, which are no different from most products on the market. It was born at an affordable price, so it is also included.

A child’s childhood should be colorful. Let the child exercise more outdoors, make friends, and enjoy the best taste of childhood.