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What is the design life of an electric bicycle?

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The design service life of an electric bicycle is a reference value given by the manufacturer as to how long the electric bicycle can be used. This is related to the factory cost of the electric bicycle. Generally, the design service life of an electric bicycle with a factory cost of less than 3,000 yuan is 1-4 years, 3000 The design service life of more than yuan is 5-8 years.

Design service life is a general consensus under the production of electric bicycle design companies. Products must be set for a certain service life when they leave the factory. If the product design service life is too long and the things are not damaged, it will be difficult to form market repurchase and recycling. Then the company went bankrupt because it did not reproduce.

Generally speaking, the design service life of an electric vehicle is related to the materials, accessories, and workmanship selected. The higher the price of the model, the longer its design service life will be, but it is basically controlled within 6 years. In normal use, the structure or core parts of this electric car will be permanently damaged after 6 years. So someone asked, why some bikes can be ridden for 6 years, and some are broken in less than 3 years?

What is the design life of an electric bicycle?

Electric cars are different from cars. Although they look the same, they may belong to different brands or products at different prices. For the 2000 yuan and 3000 yuan electric vehicles, the appearance of the two vehicles may look exactly the same, but the service life of their products is definitely different. The 3,000 yuan electric car has a longer lifespan.

In addition, the design service life of an electric bicycle is different from the actual service life.

The same electric motorcycle, if it is used for high-intensity groups such as takeaway brothers, may have problems with core components such as the frame and motor in 2-3 years. It may not be a problem to ride for 6 years.

The service life designed by the manufacturer is measured in a single laboratory environment, but the user usage scenarios are different. Some people prefer to cherish their electric vehicles and know how to maintain them. But there are some people who don’t know how to cherish their cars when they buy them, leave them out in the wind and rain, and even modify the core components of the car to squeeze the performance of the car. These are the main reasons that shorten the actual life of the car.

Okay, do you all know about the design life of electric vehicles? The electric bicycle design company here recommends that you take good care of your little electric donkey, so that it can accompany you to ride farther and run longer!