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An electric two-wheeler can run 656.8 kilometers on a single charge!

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Most users are most concerned about the range and speed of the car when buying electric bicycles. Now the battery life of electric bicycles on the market is getting longer and longer, with more and more hundreds of kilometers. But you can run 656.8 kilometers on a single charge, do you believe it?

Believe it or not, I do!

Because this is the Guinness World Record created by Tailing Electric Vehicles.

An electric two-wheeler can run 656.8 kilometers on a single charge!

Everyone knows how strict the Guinness Book of World Records is, and the battery cannot be replaced in the middle of breaking this record. So what does this world record mean? This means that the battery life is greatly improved, and it can run thousands of miles away on a single charge. It also means that ultra-long-range electric bicycles will become one of the options for people to travel remotely, and it is the cheapest way of long-distance travel.

But having said that, the probability of using electric bicycles that run more than a thousand miles in our lives is not high. But relatively speaking, it will reduce the frequency of charging, and it may even charge once more than a month, which will bring more convenience to everyone's life. At the same time, the number of thieves who steal electric bicycles will increase, because batteries are more valuable!

If there are electric bicycles with a range of thousands of miles on the market, do you believe it? Will you buy?