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A number of group standards for electric scooters will be released soon, and industry development has “standards” to follow

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A series of group standards such as "General Quality Requirements for Electric Scooters" and "Specifications for After-sales Service of Electric Scooters", led by the Beijing Infringement and Appraisal Technology Innovation Alliance for Infringing and Inferior Articles, were unveiled at the same time. The standard was officially launched, laying a reliable standard foundation for the healthy and orderly development of electric scooters and other related emerging industries.

It is understood that the "General Quality Requirements for Electric Scooters" has made requirements on the performance requirements of electric scooters, vehicle safety, mechanical safety, electrical performance, environmental adaptability, flame retardant performance, appearance, marking requirements and corresponding test methods. Detailed regulations. The "Electric Scooter After-sales Service Specification" stipulates the relevant requirements for after-sales service manufacturers, after-sales service points, after-sales service personnel, after-sales service procedures, after-sales service quality, consumer tracking, and complaint handling of electric scooters.

In order to further regulate the market behavior of the electric scooter industry, at the 2020 (first) National High-Quality Development Forum of the Electric Scooter Industry held on the same day, relevant regulatory authorities, experts, and many industry enterprises focused on the current situation of the industry and the development path in the new era. Exchange. Li Yun, a fourth-level investigator of the Product Supervision Division of the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, said that Zhejiang currently has about 390 existing electric scooters. In recent years, electric scooters and similar products have become more popular, but there are also many problems such as quality complaints. . Due to the lack of clear quality standards, the supervision work faces many difficulties. According to He Saifei, director of the Network Economic Supervision Bureau of Yuhang District, Hangzhou, from the perspective of e-commerce, the electric scooter industry has three major problems: quality, after-sales, and publicity. The biggest cause is the lack of standards as an emerging industry.

A number of group standards for electric scooters will be released soon, and industry development has "standards" to follow

In this regard, Zhu Mengqing, who participated in the formulation of the two standards of "General Quality Requirements for Electric Scooters" and "Specifications for After-sales Service of Electric Scooters", and deputy general manager of Zhejiang Allang Technology Co., Ltd., said that the release of this standard will help the industry to build up A more benign development ecology will realize the transition from "barbaric development" to healthy and orderly development. In the standard formulation process, as a market entity with about 40% market share in the domestic electric scooter field, the company also provided effective technical parameters, after-sales information and reference opinions in combination with market and product characteristics. At present, the two standards have been strictly implemented within the company.

On the same day, the Beijing Electric Scooter Industry Branch of the Infringement and Appraisal Technology Innovation Alliance was formally established in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The chairman of the alliance Zhang Na and the secretary-general Zhou Lujun attended the meeting and hosted the meeting. The branch will help build a multi-party participation in the fight against infringement, counterfeit and shoddy products in the industry in the future The new pattern of social co-governance work. Maen Zhong, former deputy director of the National Doubles Office, stated at the inaugural meeting that industry is the basic force for the establishment, innovation and implementation of standards, and standards as a booster can promote the development and innovation of the industry. The development and technological progress of the electric scooter industry cannot do without the strong support of the standard. It is hoped that the branch will firmly grasp the standardization work and create a healthier market environment and lead consumption under the background of "double cycle". The industry must make good use of both domestic and international resources, fully cooperate and compete, gain new advantages and gain the right to speak.