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How to locate the brand of electric bicycles?

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Brand positioning is the core concept reflected by all products of the brand. In the future, no matter what series of products you produce, you cannot deviate from this brand positioning. All your products contain the values ​​that this brand positioning wants to convey.

In such a dazzling era, what is the comparison between homogeneous products? To put it bluntly, it is the brand.

What are the preliminary preparations for brand positioning?

If the following three questions are not clarified, it is tantamount to walking recklessly in a jungle full of thorns and swamps.

1. A clear portrait of the target user group. If you say: the target user of the electric bicycle design company is "post-90s, love fashion, love travel...". This is really an irresponsible statement. These popular labels are too vague to show the specific characteristics of the "small fresh meat". In the era of social media, communication is more about personalized interaction.

Suggestion: The target users can be divided into several groups. Each type of group finds a typical character, and uses deductive method (starting from the general premise, "deduction" through derivation, and reaching specific statements or individual conclusions) to describe the user portrait.

How to locate the brand of electric bicycles?

2. Analyze competitors. Understand what position you are in the overall market? Compared with competitors, where is the difference?

3. Awareness of self. Where are the advantages? What are the unavoidable shortcomings?

What is a successful brand positioning?

1. One point is highlighted. This point shows a kind of "personality." Don't be greedy. Take a personality into the hearts of the people. Personality can be warm and kind, or it can be fun and nonsensical, and so on. Every element of the company, from interaction with customers to product packaging, is an element of brand personality.

2. There are not only functional expressions, but also emotional penetration. A brand is a kind of "emotional aftertaste" left after the experience of a certain product, service or electric bicycle design company.