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Washington further regulates electric scooter services and establishes new regulations

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The Washington DC Congress finally passed legislation to further regulate electric scooter services in the country's capital.

The legislation was passed unanimously, establishing new rules for the use of scooters in cities, which mainly require companies operating services to provide a way to lock equipment on racks or poles.

This regulation allows the operation of electric scooters and bicycles to grow in the next few years, reaching a maximum of 20,000 devices by October 1, 2023. Today, no more than 7,000 scooters are allowed to be operated by the seven companies; approximately 4,000 electric bicycles are allowed.

The regulations also set benchmarks to ensure that the device can be used in all areas of the city and require more signs to warn users about warnings about riding scooters on sidewalks.

This law stipulates that it is illegal to drive an electric scooter while intoxicated, and fines are imposed for many violations. For example, the maximum fine for operating a scooter or electric bicycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is $150; anyone who finds tampering with the device will face a fine of $125.

According to laws and regulations, users must be at least 16 years old. If they are under 18, they should wear a helmet, park the equipment legally, observe the restrictions on carrying packages when riding, and only ride in designated areas, not with passengers.

Washington further regulates electric scooter services and establishes new regulations

Other provisions of the bill:

●Require DDOT to place signs or road markings inside the central business district to warn electric scooter riders not to ride on the sidewalk.

●The company must deploy at least 3% of its fleet to each of the eight districts of the school district between 5 am and 7 am every day.

●It is forbidden for companies to place non-scooters within 300 feet of elementary and middle schools or high-level health centers. The rule will also apply to dockless electric bicycle operations. The area next to the entrance of the subway station is tax-free.

●Service operators must maintain a 24-hour toll-free phone number for the public to report illegally parked scooters and file other complaints.

●Require the operator to provide optional free courses on how to ride safely.

●The speed limit of the electric bicycle is set to 20 mph.

●Require operators to release fleet, schedule and complaint data to DDOT.