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How to use electric bicycles to save electricity most?

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Users often ask me questions like this, that is, how do electric bicycles use the most energy-saving and run farthest? For this problem, I will teach you 4 tricks today, and running 15km is no longer a problem.

1. Maintain a reasonable speed

First of all, the power consumed by different speeds is different. According to the relevant data test, when the speed is 20km/h, the power consumption is the lowest, and the vehicle is also the most stable. As the speed increases, the amount of electricity consumed will also increase. Therefore, for users, maintaining a reasonable speed can make the electric bicycle the most energy-efficient and run farther.

2. Don't overload driving

Secondly, overloading driving will also seriously affect the power. According to related tests, the electricity consumed by driving with multiple people or with cargo will be several times that of driving with a single person. Simply put, if the battery life is about 60km in single driving, then after overloading, the battery life may be only 30km, or even lower. Therefore, for users, without overloading, the electric bicycle can also save electricity and run farther.

How to use electric bicycles to save electricity most?

3. Adjust the brake tightness and tire pressure

In addition, if the brakes are too tight or the tire pressure is too low, the driving resistance will increase, and the power consumption at this time will also increase. Therefore, for users, it is necessary to adjust the brake tightness in time and maintain a reasonable tire pressure (350kpa), so that the electric bicycle can save the most power and run farther.

4. Take a slow acceleration method

In the end, you can't take a violent acceleration, but should take a slow acceleration. Why do you say that? Because the rapid acceleration method has relatively large instantaneous power consumption and greater battery loss, users should avoid using the rapid acceleration method and choose the slow acceleration method, which can make the electric bicycle the most Save power and run farther.

In short, if you want an electric bicycle to save power and run far, you can try the above 4 tricks. Generally speaking, the battery life will be extended to a certain extent. Of course, in addition to these, good usage habits should also be developed in daily life, such as not overcharging, not overdischarging, not mixing chargers, and not using fast charging. And to do this, electric bicycles can also extend the battery life to a certain extent.